How India-based Ujjwal Enterprises is working with industries towards environmental concerns?

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To avoid the risks to the environment and support industry, Lucknow, India based Ujjwal Enterprises is doing excellent work. Ujjwal Enterprises is a professional environmental consulting firm working in various aspects of the environment and providing tailor-made services to industry and society. The company has the expertise and can undertake the studies/services as per the scope.

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Industrial Pollution

In terms of environmental issues, the world is in a critical condition. This is not new news that several factors are putting the environment at risk but is a known factor that increasing demands of growing population are one of the major factors, which polluted air, water, and soil increasingly. More vehicles on the road, airborne dust in cities and industries to some extents are responsible for the present condition of our environment. So here, the point is that with the goal of economic growth, how industries can be sustainable, control over pollution, and how they can manage energy, and water consumption? It is a challenge for industries. Therefore, every industry needs to conduct an environmental audit to reduce environmental risks, focus on energy consumption, conserve water and other resources by ensuring optimal use.

Shobhit Srivastava is a director of Environment in Ujjwal Enterprises, Lucknow, India says, In today’s world, environmental conservation is significant. The never-ending pollution streak in the country’s capital region, the continuously increasing average temperature of the earth, and extreme weather events are all directly or indirectly related to the disturbed balance within the environment. It is our generation, which is facing the brunt of this imbalance. Looking into the current scenario, it is the need of the hour to reduce the impact on the environment by being responsible in resource consumption and thoughtful in our actions, so as to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment. The earth’s atmosphere has been stable in terms of temperature conditions for the last 10,000 years but the evolution of human and anthropogenic activities in the past 50 years has pushed our earth’s environment on the verge of becoming unstable’ now. It is high time for us to take note of this and be considerate towards the environment. At Ujjwal Enterprises, we believe that the damage done to the environment is majorly irreversible, however, we can prevent further deterioration of our niche through our efforts. Moreover, our effort is for the existence of human civilization on earth as the earth has seen the extinction of million species, Homo sapiens is just one of them. 

-Shobhit Srivastava, Director of Ujjwal Enterprises
shobhit srivastava
Shobhit Srivastava

The company was set up in 2018 to contribute to the development of society and industries regarding resource efficiency, energy management, green infrastructure, better environmental performance, and climate change.

It has a multi-faceted team with an overall experience of more than 11 years in the field of energy audits, water audits, air pollution control studies, five years in waste management, climate change, and CSR, and about three years in the field of green buildings. The company’s experience of conducting more than 100 environmental studies, including audits, 150 capacity-building training programs on various technical subjects of the interest of the manufacturing industry, and more than ten health camps for the society.

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Services provided by the company in different verticles

Energy Audit of manufacturing sectors/commercial buildings Energy conservation and benchmarking study, Waste heat recovery, AHU audits, Thermal efficiency analysis Energy and carbon footprint, Agricultural Demand Side Management studies, Thermal insulation audit, Alternative fuels assessment, Renewable energy potential assessment.

Water audit, Water pinch study, Water footprint and benchmarking studies for the manufacturing sector, Evolving water, and wastewater best practices Feasibility study for characterization.

Quantification of MSW and plastic waste, Waste audit, Develop Municipal solid waste management plan, Solid waste management plan for specific sectors.

Inventorization of industrial air pollution sources, Boiler and ESP efficiency study Pollution control in industrial clusters Feasibility of common boiler concept.

CSR needs assessment/ Impact Assessment study, Biodiversity potential and impact assessment, Rain water harvesting potential, and conservation assessment, Resource efficiency assessment.

Here are some major facts, which should be understood that why environment audit, and management is important!

Energy efficiency and management- The industry sector accounts for 40% of the country’s total energy consumption. Energy efficient processes and other energy saving measures can bring about considerable savings. An analysis shows that India avoided an additional 15% of annual energy demand and 300 million tons of carbon di oxide emissions between 2000 and 2018 by adopting energy efficiency in industry, agricultural and domestic sectors. However, there is still potential of improvement.

Water conservation and management -According to World Bank, the demand of water for industrial use and power generation is increasing at the rate of 42 per cent per annum. It is clear from different estimates that demand for water in industries has been continuously increasing. Water consumption was overlooked by the industries until recent times, simple reason being the low cost at which water is available.

Waste management studies

The major problems affecting solid waste management are unscientific treatment, improper collection of waste, and ethical problems. This in turn leads to hazards like environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution. Solid waste whether industrial or municipal has been a challenge to deal with.

Industrial air pollution control studies -As per various research studies, it is estimated that the contribution of the industrial activities to the total emissions is about 30 percent, which is significant. We have the experience of working in the air pollution control aspect within the industries and can take up the technical studies focused on the air pollution abatement in different sectors.

CSR need assessment/ Impact Assessment study -Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project are intended to have a positive influence on the world. The key idea behind CSR is for corporations to pursue other pro-social objectives, in addition to maximizing profits. Need assessment and impact assessment for any CSR project is important since it helps in understanding whether the project will be/has been able to address the issues of the society.

Rainwater harvesting potential Water is an important resource and needs to be conserved. Rainwater harvesting is a proven technique to utilize rainwater (the purest form of water) in various applications as deemed fit technically. We have the expertise to conduct a feasibility study of the rainwater harvesting potential of any building or industry and hand holding in commissioning of the system.

Renewable energy potential– India’s renewable energy sector is expected to attract investment worth US$ 80 billion in the next four years. With a potential capacity of 363 GW and with policies focused on the renewable energy sector, manufacturing sector is also focusing on identifying and developing its potential for renewable energy sources.

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Environmental Protection

Director Environment He is a postgraduate in Environment Management with 11+ years of experience in Environment Management, Air Pollution Control, water management, Health Risk Assessment, and community service. He has worked in organizations like FICCI and Centre for Science and Environment. He has diversified skill sets covering instrumentation, technical writing, capacity building, event management and social work.

Director Energy and Waste He is a Mechanical engineer, has a sound technical knowledge in energy efficiency and waste management. He has been a part of more than 50 energy audits and energy conservation studies.

Team Member She has been looking into the health and safety aspect of the society and has organized many awareness campaigns for women of rural areas on Safety in using gas stoves and many other related topics

Team member with academic background in Forestry and Environment Management she had been involved in various CSR projects. She has professional expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring social developmental projects and water, sanitation, solid liquid waste management and hygiene related issues. She has been involved in projects across WASH and agriculture.

Aside from its regular team members, the company also has external advisors and consultants with expertise in energy management, waste management, advocacy, and research, as well as people with knowledge of different manufacturing industries.

Shobhit Srivastava/Ashish Trivedi

Ujjwal Enterprises C/o Incuspaze 2 nd Floor,

214 Levana Cyber Heights, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow- 226010, India;

Mobile- +91-9711049558| 8287957785| 9450511144

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