Interested in positive language innovation, I am a journalist-turned-writing entrepreneur…

My name is Tripty, and I am an Editor, and Founder at E-Journal Times Magazine. My homeland is India, where I was born and raised. Even though I earned my official highest education in Masters in Communication & Journalism, I am still learning from people across the globe every day. I intend to keep learning throughout my life. For me, Journalism is not just a means of communication; it is also an emotional connection to society and a responsibility to work towards understanding people’s needs while also participating in intellectual awareness. I feel I have a duty to give society meaningful communication. Taking a moment to talk a bit about myself, I want to express to you how precious it is for me to have this opportunity to connect with the world through my online magazine. My magazine has no financial basis, but is inspired by the stories, challenges, lives, skills, and inspiration shared by other people.
So the fuel is your stories, efforts, and ideas, which generate energy for E-Journal Times Magazine. Thank you to all to be participate as a reader or writers.


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Whenever I visit a new place, I am constantly captivated by the beauty of the surroundings and the creative simplicity of nature…

Some of my mobile-clicks

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Winton Woods Lake, Cincinnati
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Smoky Mountain, Tennessee
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Springdale, Cincinnati
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Pinecrest Lake, CA
image 34
North Carolina
image 35
at Downtown Indianapolis at the Circle.
image 36
Isha Institute of Inner Science, Tennessee
image 37
Deming Glacier, Seattle
image 38
at Highway-1 California Beach

I wrote my dreams, and turned into short stories.

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I Support Save Soil Movement, initiated by Sadhguru

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