We’re facing pandemic-caused fear once again, how to cope?

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The economic and social harm caused by Covid-19 is causing a mental fear.So, what are our options in this situation? Below you will find some answers to help you cope with your stress and fear. So, here is a conversation with Dr. Indu Singh Bakshi, a psychiatrist. Below, you can get many answers on this matter.

On December 4th, 2021, We had heard a piece of shocking news in India when one person murdered his family because of Omicron virus fear. Earlier this year, a forensic surgeon in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, allegedly killed his wife and two small children over ‘fears’ about the newly-emerged variant of Covid-19, Omicron. As reported by the police, this doctor suffered from depression. The WhatsApp text indicates that he was exhausted by counting dead bodies, and he believed that Omicron would spare no one. The accused said he was ‘liberating everyone’ from this situation, according to the texts. A man kills his family just because he is depressed due to the past condition of covid-19. According to this incident, the era of Covid-19 is contributing to mental depression. As soon as news of the Omicron variant reached the general public, they became horrified since they are deeply affected by past Covid – experiences. Currently, when the number of covid cases is on the rise again, people are tense. They are worried about the future. In this situation, The primary concern is future fear, rising stress, and lack of confidence amid news of new viruses.
Additionally, many people are concerned about the entire world. There is a depressing feeling when people think about what the world’s future will be like! Unfortunately, virus variants are causing them to believe that the world is in danger. 

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What are our options in this situation? So, here is important conversation with Dr. Indu Singh Bakshi, a psychiatrist. Have a look at the important talk.

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Dr. Indu Singh Bakshi
(MD Psychiatry, USA), Contact-9311666821

Currently, people seem to be experiencing a unique fear. Many people are concerned about the entire world. There is a depressing feeling when people think about what the world’s future will be like! What advice would you give to get out of this mood or status of mind amid the Pandemic era?
Ans- This Pandemic has been especially challenging, not just because we have never seen a crisis of this scale in one life span in a long time but also because of the unexpected toll it took in every aspect of our existence. We were challenged in all ways; physically, mentally, economically—the long-lasting harmful effect not just a people’s morales but motivation considering the uncertainty involved. So, if we say people are worried, that would be an understatement. My advice to people in this ongoing crisis is the same as I would give for any other exceptional challenge that threatens our very existence as we know it. We need to harness the inner strength that we do not use in normal circumstances; we have to rise to the challenge without resisting to escape behaviors. We all tend to look for easy solutions first the moment we start feeling uncomfortable and anxious, but this easy coping leads to increased drug use amongst youth. Falling family values increases criminal behavior. We have to remind ourselves that we are capable of a lot in exceptional circumstances, and now is the time to harness it. Think positive, do not indulge in doomsday thinking, stay active, keep your brain occupied in healthy pursuits and leave what you cannot control on a higher power.

– In other instances, the news of the Omicron causes the women to feel insecure about their future and their families. They imagine seeing a loved one die from the virus. A second concern is that their confidence has dropped about how they will support themselves in the event of something bad happening. How can they cope with such a stressful situation? Can this be considered a serious condition?
Ans – Insecurity in every family member is high, significantly, women as they were unfortunately thrown in situations they were never prepared for. Loss of livelihood -the loss of breadwinner of the house has happened and has changed the whole family dynamics and the path for many. I suggest my patients take one day at a time, first ensure their own survival; reduce expectations in general, as the more expectations you have, the worse you will feel. Keep goals achievable. Talk to your family and children, collaborate to make a joint family vision for the future, involve everyone, and ensure you do not feel alone with responsibilities. Salvage what you can as and never lose spirits; learn to be resilient and patient to tide over tough times. If you can talk to friends and share your worries, talking it out does help.

It is a serious concern that children experience stressful situations, which are visible in their behavior. For example, they want to see their parents almost all the time. If their parents go out for some work and come back late, they call them and ask them to come home right away. Is this a normal reaction, or do parents need to be more mindful of their stress? What is your advice for handling fear in children?

Ans– Children and youth have been worse affected in this pandemic; they have lost their carefree demeanor, they had to face things like premature death, sudden move, loss of familiar routine, and support systems like schools and friends. They were a lot more isolated as they became overly dependent on their parents for solace and comfort who were anxious themselves. For children, I always advise again to concentrate on making their daily routine more rewarding. They would be able to tide over this if they enjoy their day. Nothing is predictable about this pandemic, so I do not make any false claims; I just try to teach them how to cope with these challenges. Keep a healthy routine, the mix of activity studies, exercise, entertainment, and keep in touch with their friends and do not isolate. We are all in it together, the human race.

– How can people take help during pandemic-related stressful situations?
Ans– I suggest everyone prepare a plan for all eventualities. Do your research, make contingency plans, and try out helpline numbers beforehand. In other words, put in some efforts in being informed and prepared.

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According to CDC, “Many of us have felt a significant effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. We face many challenges that can be overwhelming, stressful, and elicit strong emotions in adults and children. Public health actions, such as social distancing, are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but they can make us feel isolated, lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. Learning to cope with stress healthily will make you, the people you care about, and those around you become more resilient.”

-CDC Guideline

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