This is how the Indian diaspora in England celebrated the 73rd republic day…

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As India was sleeping after a great celebration of the 73rd Republic day marked by a historic flag hoisting atop Lal Chowk at Srinagar, Indian diaspora in England began their evening of celebrations, past midnight IST.

One such remarkable event was hosted by the fascinating Team of IIW [Inspiring Indian Women],online. A number of cultural performances of dance and songs marked the gaiety and splendor of the Show aptly titled as –‘ Maa Tujhe Pranaam ‘!

Padmashri Bob Blackman, Honourable Member of the British Parliament was the Chief Guest. He recalled the yeoman services of the Indian community in the United Kingdom across all walks of life and wished everyone a healthy passage through the pandemic period.

Guest of Honour, Pamarty Venkataramana, noted international Lawyer, award winning Poet – Philanthropist who famously won many court battles to safeguard the national wealth and treasures of India gracefully recited a patriotic song in Hindi and pointed out that variety, not diversity, formed the secret of India which is an ancient civilization with sacred principles of Santana Dharma forming core of the Constitution which was adopted on this day in 1950.

Indian diaspora in England

All Indians enjoy this day as a festival of freedom and equality of rights enjoyed as compatriots. He pointed out that the parades, dances, songs and merriment were all in honour of the greatness of Nationhood.

Other guests from the diaspora in the U.K. also expressed their desire and hoped to witness India as a developed nation and not be termed as a developing country by their adopted lands.

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The Indian High Commissioner’s greetings message was conveyed to the audience by Sanjay Kumar. Darshini Joshi and Harpal Chatwal made it a lively evening with their brilliant compering even as Rashmi Mishra conducted the Show.

A singularly memorable tribute to the Peoples’ Republic of India and the Spirit of our Motherland. A rare treat. Happy Republic Day, India.

Inspiring Indian Women celebrates Indias Republic Day

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