How India stacks up internationally!

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In recent years, India’s negative image has shifted around the world. The world’s leaders and people have a very positive perception of India, its people, cultural heritage, and, most importantly, selfless service, Yoga, knowledge, and spiritual practices.

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By- Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal  Educationist, AOL Faculty, Life Coach, Electrical Engineer.

India believes in “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam,” which means “The whole world is one family,” and India is proving this phrase practically on the ground by assisting in the difficult phase that every nation is going through desperately needs help to protect people and country from odds. India assists underdeveloped nations and serves developed nations on all fronts, including corona, rescue operations, and mental, physical, and social development.
Many Indian spiritual, religious, and cultural organizations and the government of India have worked tirelessly around the world to change people’s minds, even if they are of different faiths. Even though India is suffering on many fronts, this attitude of bringing everyone along has created a positive waveform on the international stage. As a result, India is now more of a solution provider than a problem or obstacle creator.

Corona has dealt a severe blow to even the world’s most powerful economies. It is a catastrophic disaster for all nations, large and small. Millions of people suffered, lost their lives, or were afraid of losing their lives, and lost whatever little money they had saved over the years. Everyone was looking for solace, and during this challenging time, India stepped forward without hesitation to assist with medicines, equipment, and vaccine supply. Even though the situation in India was not in order due to a large population, the government of India decided and acted to assist countries with necessary, timely supply.

 Indian spiritual and religious leaders, as well as cultural and social organizations, have played an important role on a global scale. Even though they have everything in materialistic life, every human being on the planet is suffering as a result of poor mind management and thus poor life management. They use the great Indian heritage of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, and other spiritual practices to find solutions to all problems. Many foreigners have trained themselves in these practices and have made a lot of money in their home country. People are finding solace and meaning in their lives by practicing Indian systems. People’s perceptions have shifted, and they now travel to India for peace of mind and in-depth knowledge of “inner wealth.”

 Spiritual discourses have become a huge phenomenon because they connect everyone with our psychology and every aspect has deeper scientific roots to progress both materially and spiritually. Many people around the world have begun to study the Bhagavad Gita and Vedic literature in order to gain a better understanding of themselves and their associated parts such as mind, intellect, memory, and ego. What is the purpose of life, and how can it be nurtured for the good of everyone and the environment?



India is now regarded as a knowledge powerhouse in the IT and other engineering sectors. The world has recognized this power through hard work and the use of Indian talents to grow their organizations and, eventually, their nation. Many major organizations around the world have appointed Indian scholars to top management positions. This has also raised the profile of Indian talent and hard work. Millions of Indians work in other countries simply because of the trust that knowledge and hard work have built.

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Since the current government’s inception in 2014, more than 80000 people have been rescued from various parts of the world, which was not an easy task, and that too without regard for any person’s religion, not only people from different religions in India, but also citizens of 26 war-torn countries, including the United States. As a result, the sense of belonging to every person, regardless of religion, caste, or creed, has developed a strong relationship and bonding. Moreover, people look to India for assistance whenever a natural calamity or unfavorable situation arises.
We can see many examples of immediate help without asking by that particular government, such as the water crisis in Mauritius, the earthquake in Nepal, the supply of medicines, equipment, and vaccines to many countries, financial aid and necessary material supply for living, actions to improve environmental aspects, and so on… This developed relationship was reciprocated with the same type of help from many countries when India was going through a difficult phase in Corona Phase II.

On many resolutions, including Yoga Day, India has received strong support from the majority of nations in the United Nations General Assembly. This demonstrates India’s and its people’s level of respect, trust, and belonging. We have been patiently heard on all fronts on various international platforms. This is why, when Pakistan’s prime minister and his team level insults at India on a global stage, no one listens or responds. Many Islamic nations have bestowed the highest honor on India’s prime minister. On international platforms, our Prime Minister has received the highest honor.

 When India carried out a surgical strike in Pakistan to kill terrorists, it received widespread international support.

Rising foreign direct investment is an indicator of India’s rise. The Aatmanirbhar Bharat is also being praised and supported by world leaders.

 India’s fight against environmental degradation has elicited a resoundingly positive response, as evidenced by the Paris Agreement, COP 26 and numerous other forums. Actions taken in this regard, such as the emphasis on solar power, electric vehicles, and the preservation of forests and species, have been widely praised and accepted for global implementation.

 The growing presence of Indian companies and businessmen in many countries is undoubtedly due to an increase in respect for the country. Many top government positions are going to people of Indian origin. Many countries have placed their trust in our space agency, ISRO, to launch satellites, and this trend is growing by the day.

 We are gradually moving toward “Vishwa Guru” in order to uplift every human being on the planet and nurture the environment.

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