What are the benefits of character building for the nation?

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Developing a Nation by Fostering National Character

It is the desire of every parent to see his or her child develop a better character, regardless of caste or creed.  Developing a positive character, such as honesty, integrity, commitment to goals, social fitness, and so on. However, it is not achieved to the extent that parents and society believe due to the neglect of our great culture and the adoption of Macaulay’s education system.

Every section of society and each nation must cultivate both personal and national character to thrive socially, economically, and environmentally.

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Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal (Author, Educationist )

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What exactly national character is ?

Since we are identified as citizens of a specific nation and we feel secure when the nation is powerful in all aspects, when we owe society and nature because we received everything to enjoy and raise our standard of living from these sources, society develops our personal traits using great heritage. As a result, when a child is developing personal traits, it is the responsibility of parents, teachers, and society to focus on developing national character.

Countries that do not focus on developing national character will eventually lose their great culture, identity, and nation. Iran is one such country. Unfortunately, we are deteriorating as a great Indian nation daily because of the implementation of Macaulay’s education system and the systematic destruction of our great Indian heritage by our enemies and anti-nationals. Despite being invaded over 200 times and ruled by Mughals and Britishers, we have survived as a nation due to our strong foundation of developing personal and national character through Gurukul education system and various practices developed by great sages.

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Many countries have lost their great heritage and identity because of history. In a remarkably short period, Alexander the Great, a Macedonian king, conquered the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. His empire brought about significant cultural changes in the lands he conquered, altering the course of the region’s history. His journey to conquer the entire world came to a halt when he arrived in India; our resilience and spiritual connection with one of the sages changed Alexander’s mindset. India’s fight against Alexander has helped China, Japan, and many other countries in the region to protect them.

Our youth have systematically been separated from our roots and great heritage. The goal is to instill in them selfishness, greediness, obsessiveness, and a narrow mindset. As a result, many young people are drawn to anti-social, anti-environmental, and anti-national activities, as well as propaganda to malign her internationally. Eventually, reforms are hampered, development is slowed, we are economically far behind compared to China and America, security is threatened, religious conversions are on the rise, drug addiction is on the rise, mental and physical deterioration leading to depression and suicidal tendencies, lower confidence, and a loss of fighting spirit.

Many foreign organizations, as well as a few Indians, want to weaken India for selfish reasons. They discover new ideas, set a narrative against great heritage and nation, and agitate against great reforms, which are meant to uplift each section of society, with the assistance of breaking India forces. Huge foreign funding, arms, and ammunition, and systematically spreading false history and information to the last person are just a few of the actions being taken to assist enemies in breaking and converting the major religion of India.

How can personal and national character be developed?

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When the country is approaching a five-trillion-dollar economy and the world is looking to us for solutions on many fronts, despite many challenges on the horizon from China, Pakistan, and now the Taliban, it is critical to focus on character development. The various courses provided by organizations such as RSS and a few spiritual organizations must be integrated and included in the curricula. The goal of the new education policy is to foster overall personality development. The government should enlist the assistance of various organizations in developing an integrated course to develop our youths with integrated character.

Those who do not want this to happen will likely oppose it under the guise of secularism and pity politics. Teachers, students, parents, social and spiritual organizations can all work together to make this a reality. It is time to think seriously and work in this direction to protect our nation and great heritage while also taking our country to new social and economic horizons.

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