Have you heard of the Wishing Tree in the Bay Area, California?

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Here’s one unbelievable story shared by one of the bay area residents a few weeks ago. This story might be interesting to visitors or new residents of the Bay Area.

Pescadero Marsh Trail on Google Map
Pescadero Marsh Trail on Google Map

“I found a remarkable life under many white-golden branches and a full canopy of green leaves. Despite living in the Bay Area for the last five years, I had no idea this place existed. My mind was never opened up to the possibility of a beautiful trail that is linked to the sea.” Then, one day, I was sitting in the restaurant, and nearby one old couple was discussing their Saturday plan to visit Highway One. Suddenly, our eyes met, and they guided me verbally about this trail in Coffe-talk.
The Californian old couple suggested that I go to Pescadero State Beach and Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve. They encouraged me to see the wishing tree there. They communicated softly in my eyes with a trustworthy smile and said- “You will fall in love with that tree. Whenever you have a great wish, you can visit there. Your wish will come true when you go with your pure heart and whisper it with pure love.”

Absolutely! I am not lying to you. The Bay area is blessed with a Wishing Tree. It is not as tall and straight as a young Eucalyptus, but it has a wide appearance with branches that touch the ground. You will feel like you are standing in front of your grandparents, who want to bless you always with no reason if you genuinely look at it. Your kids can sit over the solid branches and can play under the green shadow. This tree is fantastic in many ways.

When you go there, just follow the way of Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve, and Common Salt Marsh Plant.”

Saloni (Cupertino, CA)
Wishing Tree in Pescadero Creek, California Video

The eucalyptus tree is known for its medical uses. These include decreasing pain, promoting relaxation, and relieving cold symptoms. In addition to freshening breath, soothing irritated skin, and repelling insects, eucalyptus extract is also commonly used in over-the-counter products. In the case of severe headache, many people grind its fresh leaves and apply its paste on the forehead.

Bay Area residents have been blessed with a technological identity, gorgeous weather patterns, and several beaches along Highway- One. People know this highway as CA-1. Here are 41-42 miles short trips; if you start from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay or Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz, you will admire the Blue beauty of Pacifica.

A Silky and curving road along the shores of the deep blue sea enchants the eye with its romance and passion. Devenport, Four Mile Beach, Three Mile Beach, Bean Hollow State Beach, Pescadero State Beach, Gazos Creek State Beach, and Pigeon Point lighthouse are favorites for all ages people and visitors because these are not only simple beaches where you just go and see the ocean. These are broad experiences of ocean-related activities and lives too. 

Pescadero State beach & Pescadero Marsh Trail.

image 1

The Pescadero beach has a mile-long shoreline covered with sandy coves, rocky cliffs, and tide pools. This is a fantastic beach if you hate to rush and crowd. You can enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and pets. Many people love to enjoy their day with the taste of picnic-spot foods and sand-based games. In summer, people love to invest their whole day in the combination of brighter sun and cold wind.

image 3

Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve, a popular bird-watching area, is directly across the highway. Blue herons, kites, deer, raccoons, foxes, and skunks are some of the animals that live on the reserve.

According to the California Department of Park and Recreational website, free guided marsh walking tours are sometimes available.The daily parking fee is $8 and must be paid upon entering the park. You must locate the “Pay Here” sign in the parking lot to pay for a parking permit when a parking attendant is absent. 

Check out more info at https://www.coastsidestateparks.org/pescadero-marsh-natural-preserve

What do you need on this beach & Marsh Trail?

  • Windproof outfits
  • Drinking-Water
  • summer tent
  • sand carpet
  • sand toys for kids
  • sunscreen
  • cooked or packed food/beverage
  • Trail shoes/ beach footwear
  • Camera/ Mobile
  • Bag for essential

What you can not do on Pescadero Beach?

  • DOGS are not allowed.
  • BEACH FIRES are not allowed.
  • COLLECTING is prohibited from natural beach features.
  • FIREWORKS are not permitted.
  • DRONES, Model Aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and Gliders in flight are not permitted for wildlife safety reasons.
  • You can not do CAMPING.
Highway-1 route scenic sea view

There are many beaches near Highway-1, and The Pigeon Point Lighthouse is also remarkable because there are many ocen lives is visible for visitors. The Parking is free here till sunset. The Pigeon Point lighthouse offers some excellent guided tours. Seal and whale watching around the rocky reefs in the Clifftop area.

As you descend the ladders to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, (Check out at the government website https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=533)you can feel goosebumps as you stand in front of the tall lighthouse, looking out at the round blue ocean.

So many people stop their RV for full days or nights to relax their minds. Kids also love to visit this place because the down beaches give a big chance to see how small fishes, crabs, and their babies live in the hag stones filled with ocean water. When you stand on the road, which is just near the coastline here, that evergreen Ice plant will welcome you on its white, yellow, and purple-flowered carpet. Blue sky, blue ocean, and colorful land are unique combinations for visitors.

In addition to their beauty, Highway 1 beaches also have strong winds most of the time and extremely cold water always. Sometimes a strong tide comes. So if you are going with small children, keep them under your supervision.

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