Violence by Acid Attacks: Children and men are equally at risk…

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Acid attack is an extremely brutal form of violence, which leaves victims in unbearable daily suffering at all labels.

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This article explains the incidents related to acid attacks and focuses on the laws to take them seriously. Also, the article proves that it is not only women who are victims, men and children are also battling the violence of the acid attack. Additionally, the purpose of this article is to support acid-attack survivors financially, mentally, and legally and encourage them to return to normal life.

“No one is immune” in Acid Violence.

The article is written by Dr. Navpreet Kaur.

She is a Chandigarh-based Lawyer/ Researcher/Campaigner and Social Worker.

She is closely working for women’s empowerment and the upliftment & social integration of acid attack survivors, underprivileged women, children, and various other weaker sections of society.

Dr. Navpreet Kaur

The research papers written by Dr.Navpreet Kaur are published in various National and International journals and books. In addition, she has been invited as a speaker/Chairperson/Panelist/Judge by various National and International Colleges, Universities, and Departments.

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The desire for revenge leads to violence

“Recently, a horrifying incident has come to light from the Sonipat district in Haryana, where a woman allegedly threw acid at a man. This resulted in severe burns and the man is currently hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

According to the reports, a woman had fallen in love with the man and wanted to marry him eagerly. But the victim and his family were against the marriage. In a fit of rage, the woman threw a whole acid can at him. Now the victim is battling for life.”

Acid attack violence victim
Acid attack violence victim

Patriarchy is considered the prime obstacle to women’s advancement and development as it refers to male domination both in public and private spheres. But people often forget the see the other side of the concept.

While patriarchy eulogizes men, downgrades women, and often considers men superior to women, it forces men to fit in with preconceived notions. They, too, have to live up to the toxic masculinity myth of hiding their emotions.

Around the world, violence against women and girls is an alarming issue.

From female feticide, child marriage, rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, and abuse, there’s no shortage of ways in which women and girls are still subject to violence under patriarchy. But it doesn’t mean that men are immune from every kind of violence. Men also suffer various forms of violence, domestic violence, abuse, rape, and acid attacks.

There is an estimated 40 percent share of acid attacks that occur in children, teenagers, and very young people

 Acid-attack victims data by NCRB on the basis of gender
Separate data is not recorded by NCRB on the basis of gender – but studies suggest approximately 70 percent of victims remain women.

“Same war, different battles.”

Violence is devastating for anyone who experiences it, regardless of their sex. Generally, in an acid attack, 60-70% of acid attack victims are women. Though more women have been victims of acid attacks, men, too, have suffered. The number of men victims may be less, but they also suffer the same physical and mental pain.

Acid attacks violence don’t spare children.

  • Ujjwal, a 12-year-old child, suffered an acid attack in June 2021. His neighbors attacked him on his birthday because of a property dispute. Ujjwal has undergone more than ten surgeries so far. His one eye is fully damaged. According to Doctors, he will not be able to see from his right eye for a lifetime. The case is still pending in Court.
 Ujjwal, a 12-year-old child, suffered an acid attack in June 2021
Ujjwal, a 12-year-old child, suffered an acid attack in June 2021
  • Neetu was three-year-old and suffered an acid attack along with another month-old infant who died when her father threw acid on her mother and the sleeping children. The Physical and psychological trauma at such a tender age is linked to worse mental health, social and emotional skills, and self-efficacy. In an acid attack, victims have to suffer physical pain and psychological, economic, and social issues. Survivors need long-term support to meet ongoing treatment, education, and rehabilitation.

A glimmer of Hope: The Laxmi Foundation (FaceBook Page-

The Laxmi Foundation, an NGO, is an initiative to help other brave hearts who had to face the ravages of the brutal violence of an acid attack. Today The Laxmi foundation is a glimmer of hope for many survivors who have no one to support them.

The Laxmi foundation believes in equality and supports female and male acid attack survivors. Ujjwal is staying at the shelter home of The Laxmi Foundation in Delhi with his family. The NGO takes care of all the expenses of stay, food, travel, and medical expenses. Regular counseling sessions are also being provided.

The Laxmi Foundation recently built a shelter home for acid attack victims.

Many survivors are facing many issues such as medical, unemployment including rehabilitation. Whenever a survivor travels from any state to New Delhi for treatment, they need a peaceful environment for proper counseling, treatment, and post-treatment care.

Thus, to provide –legal aid, counseling facilities, recreational activities, learning facilities, rehabilitation, and post-treatment care, NGOs have built shelter homes for the acid attack survivors.

In 2006, Laxmi filed a petition in the Supreme Court when she faced a gruesome attack.

The Court was highly critical of the compensation schemes at the time, noting the need for adequate and proportionate compensation, and mandated that a minimum of ₹ three lakhs should be paid to acid attack survivors.

Dr. Navpreet Kaur is with Acid-attack Survivor
Dr. Navpreet Kaur is with Acid-attack Survivor

Dr. Navpreet Kaur completed her Ph.D. in Law in 2018 from Panjab University, Chandigarh, on the topic “Acid Attacks on Women.” During this time, she met many acid attack victims, and she realized that these victims are battling with psychological, social, medical, and legal issues and that the help they were receiving from Government and other agencies was not enough.

Thus, to help the acid attack victims-she joined a campaign “Stop-Sale-Acid” with acid attack survivors against the free sale of acid and helped the acid attack survivors in their rehabilitation.

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