How do NRIs contribute to India’s global reputation?

An article by Prahlad Sabnani, Retired Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India Today there are more than 3.2 crore NRIs living all over the world. About 25 lakh Indians leave India for migration to other countries every year. Indians living abroad have not only strengthened the reputation of India by raising the flag of... Continue Reading →

Why is Indian wisdom a good basis for modern management?

Modern management cannot be successful only by individual gains but there is a need to foster a sense of success by taking everyone's progress along.

India and other developing countries’ currencies are losing value. Why is this happening?

The continuous strengthening of the US dollar at the global level and the fall in the value of the currency of other countries is not good for other countries at the international level.

What is the Hindu method for improving the economy?

It's time to look deeper into the superficial and destructive aspects of the Western economic model; I'll write more about this in the following chapters to gain more clarity.

Why is a paradigm shift required to understand India’s budget?

India is the first country to recover quickly and aggressively from the recent pandemic, as evidenced by its GDP growth, manufacturing and service indexes, agricultural growth, new startups, etc.

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