How Eternal Law can take the lead in creating world peace!

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“Have you seen God present in your actions, thoughts, neighborhood? As the Head of yore, let enlightenment dawn upon us instantly: love alone merits a life.”

-Smile of God, from the book- The Whispering Star: A Book of Modern, Mystical Short Stories

We are experiencing a rough time globally, and the pandemic has caused much economical and social damage. Social challenges are rising, which must be met with a calm and steady mind. In such a situation, can we aim for humanity by following Sanatan Dharma?

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Pamarty Venkataramana is an international corporate lawyer and a life member of the Supreme Court Bar Association, New Delhi, India. “Sri Ramana” is his pseudonym name. His name has been figuring for the Padma Awards for a long time. An award-winning Poet and much-acclaimed columnist, his first book of short stories -‘The Whispering Star’ was published from Europe this year.

A philosopher of the Sanatana Dharma faith, he is a philanthropist who has pledged all earnings from literary activities for the education of girl children in Asia and Africa. He believes in ‘ Spirituality and Universalism as being the mantras to knit human bondage to righteous acts aka Divinity to turn mass of Mankind into One Humanity’. Peace of mind ushers in the progress of the economy as well as law and order. Towards this objective, all forms of writing by the versatile Author-Poet lead the readers towards leading a soulful existence instead of becoming rudderless creatures.

‘In A Blink’, ‘Chasing A Shadow’ and ‘A Master’s Piece’ are his Poetry books, and ‘X-raying the Mahatma’s is the soon to be released book of Sociological – Political essays setting out a doable Agenda for carving a #NewIndia with wisdom and knowledge garnered by successfully dealing with some of the most challenging and biggest cases of India.

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Spirituality is nothing but connectivity to the Universe. Simply stated, it is letting one’s Soul through Good Conscience govern the Mind, Body, and life of an individual. The amalgam of society would constitute collective Consciousness. One is being spiritual when one conscientiously performs all sections by weighing or measuring pros and consequences against the test of Dharma (righteous conduct) and Karma (results of any action).

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Pamarty Venkatramana

Read full interview below

Q 1: It is exceptional that we are seeing a law professional in the form of a sensitive writer and poet. Jurisprudence and writing are two distinct disciplines. One is logical, and the other is a play of ideological feelings. You are connected to these two different disciplines at once. Would you like to share any background, motives, or interest you have behind this?

Q 2: The world knows you as an icon of “Peace and Humanism.” What definition of Humanity will you apply to the legal system, where evidence always matters?

Ans- Evidence is hard and real, be it testimonial or documentary. Law is rigid as it should be to ensure definiteness and predictability. However, Peace is of paramount importance if Mankind remains as a civilized mass of Humanity. So comes the need for the Justice system and all Judges to exhibit a human quality of kindness in interpreting a certain act of omission or commission while filing out a sentence or delivering judgments. Ultimately, principles of natural justice, fair play, and good conscience must weigh over human deeds. If not, inequity and depravity shall destroy all societies.

Q 3: What is the inspiration behind the short stories in your book, “The Whispering Star”? Please, share your ideas or any specifics with the readers.

Ans- The Whispering Star’ is my first book of short stories. This reflects my philosophy towards life for all of mankind to embrace tenets of Sanatana Dharma, which loosely defined, is ‘Universalism’. The very first story in this book published from Europe describes a story of how a veritable Pope discovered the power of the Third Eye through an innocent little Hindu boy on his visit to the Indian city of Bombay. Now called Mumbai. There are other stories narrated here of how the Author witnessed about eighteen celestial Yoginis dancing around a Mahakali Goddess’s image in sanctum Santorum at a far-flung village in the southern state of Tamilnadu. Yet others speak of the sensitive psyche of a child. Each story helps nudge the readers towards more compassion, sensible thinking, and love for all beings as Mother Nature’s bounties. All stories have their own anti-climax, with a telling message.

Q 4: Every day, the courts are faced with several problems and arguments, which are eventually resolved via cross-examination. What are some of the shortfalls you consider in Indian law and order to be improving as a sensitive thinker?

Ans- The basic flaw with India’s legal system is the absence of a uniform civil code although we are past seven decades of existence as a sovereign country. In the resultant confusion, litigation has sprouted. The second major flaw is poor draftsmanship and hasty enactment of legislation without proper or detailed deliberations by Parliament. The third glaring cause for multiplicity of frivolous litigation is the lack of understanding of intent and purpose of law by enforcement agencies. Everything boils down to rampant illiteracy and semi-literate officials or politicians presiding over a constitutional democracy. Almost two-thirds of citizenry learn their law via scripted untrue Bollywood or other cinematic media. Never through the study of civics as a subject at school onwards. So, the paramount need to impart moral lessons of unchallenged Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Law).

Ans- It is wrong to base ‘women’s rights on the Taliban as a regime whose existence is itself founded on the Shariat – a private body of rules evolving from a personal book, viz., Quran Shareef. Islam is a rigid religion yet each of the followers of Prophet Muhammad has a sect. So, there are already 72-sects under one religion because of which you have Wahabis, Sunnis, Shias, et all. They denounce equal rights to womenfolk. Which dates back 1500 years to an ecosystem of a nomadic desert tribe existence. As against this is a picture of Christianity too banning womenfolk as priests or being traded as chattel leading up to the abolishment of the slave trade by Abraham Lincoln. Santana Dharma, in contrast, worships and revers Womanhood beginning from being a girl child. Infanticide, dowry deaths, domestic violence are all offshoots of the Talibanic mindset against women, as influenced by invading hordes of barbaric Moguls from the Middle Eastern region and buccaneers from the Western world. India would do well to enact a fifty percent reservation for women in legislative bodies.

Q 6: What is the meaning of Spirituality in your view? What can we do to restore Indian Spirituality to world peace in a new way? What measures and efforts should be taken?

Ans- Spirituality is nothing but connectivity to the Universe. Simply stated, it is letting one’s Soul through Good Conscience govern the Mind, Body, and life of an individual. The amalgam of society would constitute collective Consciousness. One is being spiritual when one conscientiously performs all sections by weighing or measuring pros and consequences against the test of Dharma (righteous conduct) and Karma (results of any action). India’s legacy to the world has always been its rich heritage, cultural ethos, and Spirituality. The distilled wisdom of the Puranas, Shastras, and Epics can help reset fallen systems in any corner of the world. India will do well to let its diplomatic corps launch a worldwide campaign on the benefits of adherence to Santana Dharma (much like the missionaries launched on Indian shores by the erstwhile East India Company).

Q 7: Looking at the unsatisfactory situations that have arisen in the world for some time, it must be said that Humanity’s need is more than ever. Is there any unique technology of Humanity? How can we spread this?

Ans- Spirituality is not about techniques like Yoga or technology as such. It is more about the state of mind which controls the heart and limbs, actions, and thoughts. A state of mind can only be awakened to make aware the Being of its nucleus Centre of existence, viz, the Soul.

This yogic state of exalted being can be inculcated by an inherent knowledge of humans being as mortal as animals or plants. Contentment, Compassion, Kindness, Mercy, and Affection are qualities which enable any person, be it ruler or ordinary citizens, criminals, or clergy class, young as well as old people to attain a sense of ‘Spirituality’. This cannot be attained by quotations or citing dead monks or sages. Practice makes perfect. Conditioned thinking is crucial for bringing about such a satisfactory lifestyle.

Q 8: After the devastation caused by the Covid era, many changes, needs, and possibilities have arisen in the medical and technology sector. As Indian prospects in national and international trade, what changes would you like to outline in these sectors?

Ans- As one closely associated with task force teams of World Bank on healthcare sector since long, I have found my repeated pleas for a multifarious expansion of hospital facilities across all the continents, vindicated in the aftermath of the covid -19 pandemic. Medical technologies have advanced, and India is not far behind. Yet, it is disheartening to notice the State sector losing to private players in this vital sector. Alternative systems of medicine such as Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Unani deserve fillip by way of Government support.

Q 9: What message would you like to give to the youth in the strong progressive concept of each State of India?

Ans- Youth is a potent force in every era and type of society. India is blessed with a youth force which still is dependant upon family moorings and the rudder of familial love. Hence, it is important to harness their goodness towards more socially useful productive works and uniting all sections by goading upon them to rise over anti-establishment and rebellious thinking injected in so wanton a manner by few fissiparous forces sponsored from abroad. Such a conducive atmosphere should begin at the homestead and schools. 

 Q 10: As readers, we are curious to know which of your writing works is the most near your heart?

Ans- Poetry takes the cake even as long essays are evocative and short story form is a most provocative style of writing. The paucity of time to write columns, essays and stories have been the gain of Poetry firm of writing. Poetry brings to the fore ability of a writer to churn, express, convey, revel, and help a reader relish the thoughts of the Writer.

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Sanatan Dharma is a way to well-being for humanity.

The spiritual mindset of the people of India operates as a force that is unique to the country. The world made categories based on lots of physical facts or data and decided which country is the best among the facts & data. The spirituality of India, which resides in many people’s minds, is different from these facts and analyses. It is not untrue that India is like a world leader in this spiritual field’s achievements, and despite its involvement in idolatry, it is open to the religions of the world and human rights. Indian Spirituality and Philosophy never limit the rights of a particular person, nor does it orient him towards fanaticism. The power to lead a happy life through the path of liberation and spirituality is in the Indian Sanatan Dharma. According to the Indian Spiritual leader-Sadhguru, “Here is a freedom to choose & make your own God.

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The unique science of spirituality that is being nurtured automatically in the Indian environment is the contribution of many yogis and great men. Today’s There is a possibility of moving towards peace in the world and removing the evils that should be agreed upon globally.

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