War is a crooked business at this time…

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The way the Russians are intent on destroying Ukraine raises many concerns for the whole world. The world appears divided along two lines in international politics. In the event that Russia moves beyond Ukraine’s boundaries, the conflict could become a global conflict in which destruction is inevitable. At this time the war has to be averted by resorting to international diplomacy. Concerns regarding refugees are also growing amid this crisis. In a joint statement, the United Nations chief and the executive director of the World Food Program said that Russia’s conflict with Ukraine threatens the global food supply and puts some of the world’s poorest countries at risk. Well, Instead of worrying about what will happen tomorrow, we need to develop ways of providing education to children. It remains to be seen what host countries can do to address refugees’ economic concerns. The search for education, health, mental support, and financial resources for refugees poses a challenge for the hosting country.

  • We have to remember that half of the world’s 22 million refugee population is under the age of 18. World leaders and host countries must make strong plans for the future of refugees.

Our global family has been disturbed since the Pandemic started. The lockdown in the Pandemic has not only caused economic damage, but education, health, mental status, and social intensity have also been severely affected. We saw the painful orgy of death with naked eyes, saw people becoming homeless due to economic loss, felt the pain of loneliness due to social distance, and saw education being disturbed from the lives of children and youth. We all are victims of these kinds of crises. Apart from this, we also saw the encroachment of Taliban power on Afghanistan. As a result, unarmed and innocent civilians are forced to flee other countries. The whole world just kept watching; women all kept suffering. This was the first phase of a shocking political International event when US armies left Afghanistan without management and created a disaster for all Afghanistan’s civilians. For a few days, there were many news and political debates arranged by world media against the encroachment of terrorists, America was criticized, bloodshed was shown, and we have seen how brutal Talabani’s law made women go down. Then, after a few days of noise, everything was quiet. The world adjusted to the situation of Afghanistan. Here, the whole morality was encroached upon. The fact shows thousands of people have fled the region since January 2021 because of the latest round of violence.

abuse 7021059 1920

The first International conflict chapter is closed, and we entered the second phase amid the pandemic era.
From the last few months, we have finally felt some happiness again in our life because the Covid-19 vaccination has reduced risks from our lives. Nevertheless, each of us has been striving again to complete the economic closure. In the middle of new starts, the Russia-Ukraine war threw us back into fear, to look into the suffering of humanity.

war 952967 1920

Our second chapter is a knot with the mental state of insecurity that arises when we are eyewitnesses of innocent blood. Fear of nuclear war is living with us, and we all know if anyone shows their anger, the whole world will face World War 3rd. So now, we all are living in a live war history again in our mind. But, for Ukrainian, it is a situation of hell, and they are facing it continuously.

We can see through the visual media, how Russia is destroying Ukraine. The houses resonating with beautiful lives have turned to ashes today.
People are in the grip of a catastrophic situation, which doesn’t seem to improve right now. According to the UN, more than 3 million Ukrainians have now fled as Russian forces continue their attacks on civilians.
So, the second chapter seems more deadly because this can pull the nuclear war situation and bring the end of the world to the door.
Again, the negativity is impacting people’s lives more in terms of economy-related flows. The war situation and fear is killing people’s energy and making them depressed. In other words, the current situation is likely to create an unprecedented level of negative stress and pressure at a global level.

apocalypse 2806679 1920
Burning car after attack

It is morally shameful for a country’s administration to push the world into an unpredictable future due to sinful actions. A government or people who turned into fear cannot lead anyway. No one has the right to destroy the lives of citizens by setting fire to them, making them helpless to leave their land and welcome the child with the bomb blast.
People’s lives are being destroyed, the number of people living on the streets and in refugee camps is increasing . Inflation is increasing all around; every one of us is getting affected somehow or the other. But, the biggest challenges for all kinds of refugees who left their homeland and trying to set their life in other countries. They are passing through a period of uncertainty in wartime situations where they are bound to lead an unsafe life because they do not know what the future will bring them?

pop2022 vs. country
Refugees by Country and population 2022. The data presents all kind of refugees by percentage

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