This girl is so in love with Holi!

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This little girl is six years old, and she can tell a great story. Indian by birth, she has a kind heart. Growing up in California, she loves all festivals. In trick-or-treat, she loves collecting chocolates, which she shares with her friends. The girl wants to get donuts for Christmas and donates some. The girl loves to celebrate Holi and wishes everyone peace and harmony on Earth.

Read a cute piece of writing by Pratyusha
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Written by – Pratyusha Sinha (Grade-1st) Garden Gate Elementary School, Cupertino

Holi is a celebration that use water guns to spray colors to other people, and they like to spray with another, especially friends. We can celebrate in temples or big grounds. Some of stores bring the colors, and water gun, that is the important part of Holi. So, I want to tell you why I like it , because anyone can play with many colors, and can enjoy. Let me tell you fun facts about Holi!

Holi isn’t just celebrated for fun. It is for friendship, and peace. Enemies forget about them and just play and have fun. Some people don’t even know about Holi. Do you know that enemies can turn back to friends? Is it possible? or not? I will tell you how they turn friends again. They apologize and give love back, and play their favorite games without fighting. So, we should be respectful and kind to support the Holi festival.

My family and friends played Holi in Shiv Durga Temple, Bay area every year but in Covid- time, we didn’t play Holi for two years. But, this year, I am so exited to celebrate. My friends and I have made plans to play colors together, to make each other colorful on the day of Holi. It only comes once a year and I have to make up an excellent memory of my childhood celebration.

Here, I am telling how Holi started!

Before the day of Holi, we do a thing called “HOLIKA DAHAN.” It is a ritual to celebrate good things and bad things disappear. That’s what happened in the story of Holika and Prahlad. Holika was a demon who wanted to kill Prahlad, because he believed in God. He was a child and Holika had a power to stay alive in fire! She took the child Prahlad and sat in the fire. But amazingly, the child didn’t burned and died. It was very strange because Holika died, even if she had a power to not die in the fire. How did she not survive? The Good power was stronger than bad power. So, we consider the day after this day as Holi. It symbolizes good over evil.

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We buy many dry colors (Abeer), and my favorite is pink. Usually, I like to play with that color. But my brother loves blue. It’s ok, if someone like another colors. Me and my brother, we both have a lot of fun going to the park, spraying water on each other with water guns, we both throw dry colors in the air. We run so much and quickly put some colors on each other. I always win in the putting colors. We played last year in our school park.

I want to share with you some important thing, that I do! If somebody doesn’t have a colors, I share with them because I like sharing, and caring. It is fantastic. Not only colors, some sweets too! It is fun part that If someone bullied me, I will throw some colors on their back.

This festival is celebrated all over the world, but it originated in India. In some regions of India, in the spring season, this colorful festival takes place during the months of February and March.


In the food part, there is so many sweets and dishes, that I also like to eat. You can get some Indian sweets, like-Rasgulla, Jalebi, Gujhiya, and others. Indian loves sweets and Indians shares food in festivals, when they go to celebrate each others. My mom makes some sweet dishes in which I like Malpua, Ladoo and Gujiya most. We eat a lot of sweets and then play colors.

Having played with the colors, we take a bath, put on new clothes, and take God’s blessings.

We invite our friends or family to lunch or dinner. I feel happy when my friend comes to my house, and we all eat special food together.

Holi should be a colorful time for everyone, and everyone should become friends with each other. We see how the colors meet and fly together.

Happy Holi!!

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