Superfoods and warm vibes await you at this festival!

Wintertime festivals are not over yet! Still, you can get a chance to celebrate many festivals. So if you want to enjoy a feast with the warmth of a bonfire, delicious protein-based sweets, and green superfood goodness, Makar-Sankranti is the festival for you.So, today, we are bringing you all to India, where people are prepared … Read more

How did Jesus choose those who were neglected in Society?

How do you interpret Jesus or what is your understanding of him?

Satisfy your mind with 2022 festive decorations…

Decorations need to be beautiful, holistic and arranged to appeal to the mind. We spend more time indoors in the digital age. Hence, the coming festivals offer an opportunity to improve our indoor lives by making them organic, peaceful, positive, and decorative. So, are you ready to transform your space this festival season? Check here- … Read more

This girl is so in love with Holi!

Holi should be a colorful time for everyone, and everyone should become friends with each other. We see the colors meet and fly together.

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