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Decorations need to be beautiful, holistic and arranged to appeal to the mind. We spend more time indoors in the digital age. Hence, the coming festivals offer an opportunity to improve our indoor lives by making them organic, peaceful, positive, and decorative. So, are you ready to transform your space this festival season? Check here-

In this article, we introduce the study, and thoughts of why decorations and related art creativity are an essential learning part for everyone. Also, our readers can find some useful links for decoration ideas, and mind psychology.

Fall festival decoration
Fall festival decoration

Is interior design elements impact our minds?

Whenever we enter someone’s house or our own house, we may feel positive or negative energy. Have you ever wondered, “Why does this happen?”? What does our brain receive from our five senses? Are there any things that relate to the look and design indoors or outdoors?

According to Chloe Taylor in Psychology Tomorrow magazine, Although the bond between interior design and our emotions has gained much attention in the last decade, this form of environmental psychology exists for thousands of years now – the Indian Vastu Shastra, the Chinese Feng Shui, etc. Because of the rise of neuroscience, scientists are doing plenty of research on this topic and finding the most incredible results. They have shown the ability of interior design elements to evoke a positive or negative emotional response in people. These findings open the door to design spaces that consciously manipulate decorative elements with the goal of encouraging creativity, peace, and happiness.”,negative%20emotional%20response%20in%20people.&text=Red%20is%20the%20usual%20%E2%80%9Cbad,prevailing%20color%20of%20the%20room.

organic decoration
organic decoration

How does the Festival help our moods and minds?

  • The festivals we celebrate are not only symbols of our faith and culture, but also a source of energy for our everyday activities.
  • We harness this energy during celebrations when we invest our time, money, and minds in bringing social harmony.
  • In the festive celebration process, decoration is such a task, which keeps the whole family and society connected with creativity, and keeps our mind fully engaged.
  • We take our minds off everyday boredom and routines and engage in some new activities, which are usually creative, and stress-relieving. Read more at
  • Scientists have found that celebration releases a powerful array of chemicals in the brain, including oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.
  • The feel-good chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins are released in high amounts during celebrations.  Your own personal motivation machine is dopamine.  It’s the key to hitting goals and getting pumped.  The mood is regulated by serotonin.  You feel happy when your serotonin levels are healthy. 
  •

For Diwali Festival decoration ideas, click here

“Due to being busy in the office, I am not able to manage the house properly. Many times, seeing your own house scattered, the mind feels heavy and negative. Taking advantage of the holiday season, I cleaned the house with my family during Diwali. My kids will be able to make festival-related wall decor items with the art and craft items I’ve brought. Having the opportunity to show their ideas to friends makes them happy and excited. It’s encouraging to see how seriously they’re taking the festival themes, and it has a positive effect on my mind.”- Preety Roy, Mason, Ohio

 Diwali festival

Click on this link for Rangoli art ideas

Benefits of decorating for festivals through Arts & Crafts

“Just like earth has told us to stop and take a deep breath in Covid times, Art calms us down. It brings us close to our roots and culture, and that, in turn, boosts our energy and positivity.”
So, through decoration, you can allow yourself to live with what you love.”

Janki Chokshi, founder of Little Artist’s studio California,

purple string lights and lamps with curtains

What Researchers found?

craftswoman working with drafts at table with stationery in workshop

“Some researchers have found that browsing through an art gallery can lower the body’s concentration of the stress hormone cortisol and increase that of the pleasure hormone dopamine. Art activity, like painting, allows a person’s mind to relax and let go of all the problems contributing to a high-stress level. When people create something beautiful through painting, they stimulate the creative mind while relieving mental strain.”

Mental Health Experts believe that “a beautiful environment of our home helps to improve our mood, productivity, and mental health.” There is a science hidden in decorations, which can improve our mental health. So, not only outdoors, indoor decorations are more needed today to give us a peaceful and energetic environment… Read more here

black and white flower vase with a face

Coming Festivals can boost your mind.

September through December, worldwide many festivals are celebrated worldwide every year. This is a time to celebrate Deepawali (India, and worldwide), Hachiman Matsuri (Japan), Halloween (the USA, and worldwide), MassKara Festival, (Philippines ), Thanksgiving (the USA, and Worldwide), Hanukkah (Jerusalem, Europe, and USA), and the Christmas

Thanksgiving Festival
Thanksgiving Festival

Yes, Winter is not the only season, it’s the time of celebrations, and the decorations fill a unique warmth in the festive seasons. Some festivals have already been done, but some are around the corner. People and Families have many plans for welcoming guests in this festive season. So, the first preparation is to Decor and organized their homes for throwing festive parties. Read about inner motivation at

wall decor ideas

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