Why neglecting inner motivation is really unfortunate!

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Managing intrinsic motivation is not a topic that is discussed extensively, although it is vital that we can fill the gap between success and failure. Addressing intrinsic motivation allows us to achieve success and intrinsic happiness.

A 24-year-old James is happy. He will launch his dream restaurant as a new career for the first time. As James outlines his plan, we think about it as “okay,” probably questioning what makes it unique. However, his emotion toward himself is quite different. His driving core of motivation has driven him to choose a career.

James states, “it is a peaceful state of mind when you follow your dreams. You don’t need to put any extra pressure and set up the opposite type of personality skills. To make choices about my studies, relationships, and profession, I always follow my heart. Many of us keep on ignoring this inner motivation which is really unfortunate.”

-James, student
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People in society often bring up ideas, suggestions, and experiences that make it hard for some people to cope. Therefore, we often choose our studies and careers based on someone else’s arguments rather than following our own motivation. Unfortunately, this often results in failure and the waste of time.”

Yes, motivation is not just a word; it’s an emotional process that allows our personality to take meaningful actions. It is for improvement inside us first. Motivations make questions, Why What, How, and When! In addition, improving motivation is essential in changing behavior, achieving competencies, being creative, setting goals, growing interests, making plans, boosting engagement, and developing talents. 

Sometimes it takes a long time to fulfill our inner motivation, and it seems as if we are failing in our life because we try to convert our grounds into career success as soon as. But, and here is the main false, we make it by ourselves. We destroy our mental happiness in the maze of money. We begin to ignore our inner motivation and take competition from others’ life. It is like we started a proper trail, but in the middle, we just missed the right straight path and took a turn toward the wrong, which is not a simple and happy path.

woman sitting while showing heart sign hands
woman sitting while showing heart sign hands

It is simple meaning that we have lost our core motivation. So, how can you follow your core motivation for every success?

  • First, listen to your inner voice, and make an understanding of yourself.
  • Find your best abilities and what you can do with more happiness and with more curiosity.
  • Connect your motivation, inner voice, and lifestyle, and chase your dream. 
  • It is crucial to work with awareness for the goal you want to move towards.
  • Honesty is another important aspect, without which you will not be able to go far. So be honest.
  • Keep nourishing your mental health with positive work, what you really want to do.
  • Whenever you feel distracted from your motivation, restore your thoughts, and boost them again. For this, you can talk with your mentor, family, or friends.
  • Do not keep tension in your mind to give shape to your motivation, but do it effortlessly. Increase your knowledge and methods, which can help you find your way easily.
  • Time changes every day, so remember that you also have to increase your speed according to the time. For this, you will have to be hardworking.
  • Review your goals and progress regularly. The most important thing is to keep pessimism away from yourself, be happy, and not compare yourself with anyone. What is in you is different and unique from others. 


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