How Do They Work? Atomic Bombs

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Written by Prajjwal Sinha, Grade-3rd, USA

Atomic Bombs can be a real nightmare to people that have thanatophobia (Fear of death is commonly known as Thanatophobia.In more specific terms, it could be fear of death or dread of dying) which is NOT fun to have when you hear the sound of a nuclear siren blast in your eardrums.

Most of the time they are just false alerts at least for me that is. But sometimes there is a chance that a siren needs more attention, and if you don’t pay more attention to each siren, the one you aren’t paying attention to is not a false alert… Well, let’s just say that it will be a very bad day for you! So how do this monster of a bomb work? Fortunately, or unfortunately, technology, science, and the minerals in the earth have allowed us to build such large, destructive bombs.

The real stuff is on the inside, now when I think of nukes (atomic bombs), I think of the Little Boy Bomb (A gun typed uranium bomb, which weighed 9,700 pounds, 15,000 tons of TNT exploded about 1,500 feet above the city) which devastated the city of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

Little boy bomb

How did Atomic Bombs work?

Well, what happened is that after dropping the bomb from the plane in the plane they pulled a switch and flew off, back inside the bomb, it received a signal from the plane that meant: active bomb: right after receiving the signal inside the bomb a plutonium bullet shot through a barrel hitting uranium which triggered a chain reaction when something (in this case a plutonium bullet) triggers something else (a uranium atom to break up) which triggers more things which trigger more and more and more and so on. Each one of these explosions releases a tremendous amount of energy and more than 50 trillion of those tiny explosions are a lot of energy! And all of that cooped up is too much for a little shell and the radioactive energy destroys the shell and causes a massive explosion! And now you know how an Atomic Bomb works! read more at

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grayscale photo of explosion on the beach
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