Solar Corona: A Fascinating Cosmic Puzzle!

Solar Corona: A fascinating cosmic puzzle

Chandrayaan-3: The Triumph of India’s Lunar Odyssey

Chandrayaan-3 is a shining jewel in ISRO's Chandrayaan program, marking the third lunar exploration mission.

Teratogens: Find out what is best for mother and baby!

Author: Dr. Shilpa Choudhary Purpose of the articleAuthor IntroductionPrenatal and Postnatal Effects of Teratogens: Find out what is best for mother and babyHow often do teratogenic birth abnormalities occur?Some TeratogensImportance of Medication Disclosure and Safety in PregnancySome examples of teratogenic medications are:Infections and virusesEnvironmental toxins, chemicals, or other physical agentsHealth conditionsWhen is teratogen exposure the... Continue Reading →

Extraterrestrial Life: It’s World Contact Day!

It celebrates the idea that humanity is not alone in the universe and that extraterrestrials may be trying to contact us. This day's origins can be traced back to the early 1950s when UFO sightings became more frequent in the United States and abroad.

Discover what your metabolism does for your health.

It can be beneficial to learn more about your own metabolism and how your body burns energy so you can make healthier food choices and engage in more daily exercise. It is important to keep a healthy weight and maintain health by eating the right amount of calories every day based on your metabolism. You... Continue Reading →

Teach children to plant trees instead of throwing stones…

Without improving the environment, the very existence of this Earth is in danger, so instead of throwing stones, children should be asked to plant saplings.

How Do They Work? Atomic Bombs

Written by Prajjwal Sinha, Grade-3rd, USA Atomic Bombs can be a real nightmare to people that have thanatophobia (Fear of death is commonly known as Thanatophobia.In more specific terms, it could be fear of death or dread of dying) which is NOT fun to have when you hear the sound of a nuclear siren blast... Continue Reading →

How meat production contributes to environmental and health problems?

Researchers recently warned that we may face severe food shortages because so much of our grain is now being fed to animals rather than people.

वैश्विक पारम्परिक औषधि केंद्र की भारत में स्थापना गेम चेंजर साबित होगी 

विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन ने भारत में वैश्विक पारम्परिक औषधि केंद्र यानी ग्लोबल सेंटर फोर ट्रेडिशनल मेडिसिन की स्थापना के लिए भारत सरकार के साथ समझौता किया है।

What makes the California Academy of Sciences a favorite place for weekend visits!

Not only Kids, even adults also love planetarium shows because there are astonishing effects and many planets in the show. Everyone loves to watch the planetarium show because it's like spaceship effects, and when it's going down on one of the planets, it is like you are really down upon the planet. This Planetarium, a 75-foot dome —is one of the largest all-digital planetariums in the world.

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