Teach children to plant trees instead of throwing stones…

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This article is written by Prahlad Sabnani. He is a retired Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India. His expertise lies in banking and financial matters, as well as writing.

E-mail – psabnani@rediffmail.com

The Government of India has also banned single-use plastic from July 1, 2022. Therefore citizens will not be allowed to use single-use plastic. This campaign will run in Gwalior metropolis till the time Gwalior metropolis becomes plastic-free.

woman in white floral dress holding black bottle

Making cities plastic-free is another way to improve the environment. Groups like Sangh are taking part in the effort to clean up the country’s environment by involving various sections of society. In the meantime, some youths within society are harming the country by lifting stones in their hands. Due to the arrival of monsoon in the country, these youths should be given saplings instead of stones so that they can contribute to purifying the country’s environment by planting them.

Without improving the environment, the very existence of this Earth is in danger, so instead of throwing stones, children should be asked to plant saplings.

To improve the environment, the Central Bharat Province of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pledged to make Gwalior metropolis plastic-free while connecting various sections of the society, institutions, schools, colleges, and government departments with the aim of improving the environment. When voluntary organizations like the Sangh are coming forward and trying to improve the environment of the cities, then in the coming times, incomparable improvement is definitely going to be seen in the field of environment in India.

Under the campaign’s first phase, a total of 4500 students from 12 schools, 3700 students from 6 colleges, and 1800 members of 7 other organizations have been administered an oath not to use plastic. In this way, 10,000 citizens of a total of 25 institutions of the Gwalior metropolis have been administered oaths so far. Now in the second phase of this campaign, “Roko Toko Abhiyan” is being started, under which citizens of the metropolis will be seen using plastic in the markets and will be stopped and asked not to use plastic.

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 The Government of India has also banned single-use plastic from July 1, 2022. Therefore citizens will not be allowed to use single-use plastic. This campaign will run in Gwalior metropolis till the time Gwalior metropolis becomes plastic-free.

Making cities plastic-free is also an excellent way to improve the environment, and voluntary organizations like Sangh are trying to purify the country’s environment by taking various sections of the society along with them. On the other hand, some youths are engaged in harming the country by lifting stones in their hands. Now that the country’s monsoon has arrived, these youths should be given plants instead of rocks so they can contribute to purifying the country’s environment by planting saplings.

scouts cleaning forest from garbage
scouts cleaning forest from garbage

A friend of ours, Dr. Radhakishan Ji, who is originally from Amritsar and has a particular interest in the environment, often says that the basis of the existence of this Earth is the environment. Nature and humans are complementary to each other on this Earth, and humans cannot be imagined without Nature on this Earth. “Prakriti” is made up of two words – Pra and Kriti. Pra means Prakriti (superior/best), and Kriti implies creation. The best creation of God is creation. Creation comes from nature. Prakriti means the essence of which the world is the result. That is to say, the entire universe has been created by nature itself.

There is a very close relationship between nature and humans, and we can say there is no better teacher for humans than nature. So, for all of us, Earth is the mother form, and nature is a life form. Earth is the mother. Nature is nutritious. Nature itself fulfills the nourishment of the Earth. Just as the life of living beings flourishes or grows in the mother’s lap, it becomes easy to develop energy in the company of nature. Earth is the essential element for the development of living beings. Man’s life is not possible without nature. Therefore, it is not right to harm the environment in the race of development and modernity.

Nowadays, we are moving away from nature. We have to travel far to see the waterfall, river, lake, and forest. We are also facing the brunt of harming the environment from time to time. Sometimes there is a flood, and sometimes there is a cloudburst. Somewhere the water on the Earth is drying up, and somewhere the land is spewing fire. All this is happening because of climate change. Since trees are being cut down, the air has become so polluted in the cities that breathing has become difficult. Global warming is at its peak. Excess heat causes diseases like diarrhea, brain stroke, etc. Life in cities has evolved far away from the environment and nature. People here are getting diseases never heard about or seen before.

person walking between green forest trees
A person walking between green forest trees

Climate is a significant factor controlling the environment. Because natural vegetation, soil, water bodies, and fauna are affected by the climate. Climate affects the mental and physical activities of human beings. Climate is one of the most influential factors influencing human beings as it also controls other factors of the environment. That is to say, conservation of the Earth is possible only when our environment is pure. Therefore, climate change remains a matter of concern in the world. The physical development of cities is the most significant cause of climate change. Therefore, climate change plays an essential role in soil conservation.

small house in meadow in tropical landscape
small house in a meadow in the tropical landscape

Therefore there is a need to connect society with nature and bring culture closer to nature. All communities have to be aware of soil conservation and nature. The circle of protection of the Earth is the atmosphere. Nature has the same treatment for the whole human race. There is no connection between nature and a particular religion.

Consequently, mankind should consider nature an essential part of themselves. The Earth’s atmosphere captures some of the Sun’s energy, called the Green House Effect. There is a layer of greenhouse gases around the Earth. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These gases exploit the Sun’s energy and heat the Earth’s surface, due to which the climate of the Earth is changing. The summer season is of long duration, and the winter season is of short period. Therefore, environmental awareness can save from climate change’s effects. Thus we can say that a pure environment is the basis of the existence of the Earth.

view on traffic during sunset
Photo by Sagar Rajgor

In the scorching heat, cities across India are roasting in a furnace. Meteorologists had already warned that due to the impact of climate change, North and West India will witness record-breaking heat, and the temperature of most cities will remain around 40 to 50 degrees. Yes, it has been the same. However, a new trend has also been seen in the temperature of cities. This year, May 15 was the hottest day ever recorded. The way the temperature of the Earth is increasing, it is clear that in the coming years, the temperature can go above 50 degrees Celsius. Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius at Safdarjung on May 15, while Mungeshpur recorded a maximum temperature of 49.2 degrees Celsius.

Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels.com

But, the monsoon will soon take India in its lap, so to improve the environment, we should plant more and more trees on this Earth. Especially those trees should be selected from which we The amount of oxygen is more, such as peepal, neem, banyan, Jamun, sycamore and broad-leafed trees, etc. This tree is the largest and Also blocks dust particles. With the help of trees and plants, now we can fight the war against pollution. The more plants like Neem, Peepal, Banyan, Jamun, and Gular are around us, the more we are protected from the wrath of toxic air. These plants are easily found anywhere, and their maintenance is not complex either. They provide sufficient oxygen and absorb PM 2.5 and PM 10 through the leaves, preventing them from flowing in the air.

Trees are said to be the epitome of benevolence and have been born for charity. “Vriksha Pratayapaye Shazam Vibhutaye”, “Vriksha itself is not food” – it has been said for the tree itself. If you sit under a tree, you get shade, oxygen from trees, medicine from its leaves, and the leaves trees help make rain through evaporation, the aroma from its flowers, and food from its fruits. Rubber is obtained from the milk of trees, ropes are made from the vines of many trees, the wood (bark) of the tree gives energy, and if burnt, its ash gives purity. Therefore, all of us should take a severe resolution that the one who does the most benevolence, that is, the tree, we should all expand and promote it. Therefore, in the time of this monsoon coming soon, we all must plant at least one tree and take care of it till it grows.

tall trees
Photo by Valiphotos on Pexels.com

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