Rajessh M Iyer: Uncle Pai’s legacy has shaped Indian society beyond literature & culture!

A seasoned storyteller and author of Uncle Pai, Rajessh M Iyer said, "Uncle Pai has shaped Indian society."

AI Magic: Using technology to enhance the festive season in 2023

As a part of the holiday season, AI is at the forefront of everything from personalized gift recommendations to dazzling light displays.

Reaching your Most Disruptive Dreams is Just Like Getting the Everest!

"Conquer your most disruptive dreams like scaling Everest!"

Sleep in Diabetes: How Blood Sugar is Responsible?

IntroductionThe Impact of Blood Sugar on SleepThe Role of Stress in Sleep PatternsStrategies for Maintaining Stable Blood Sugar Levels and Sleep Quality:How Much Sleep is Needed?Conclusion:Foot note Introduction For millions of people around the world, diabetes is a daily reality, requiring constant management and vigilance. Beyond the well-known health complications associated with diabetes, such as... Continue Reading →

Lord Ganesha in the Modern Age: The Timeless Significance

E-Journal Times Magazine IntroductionThe Iconic Symbolism of GaneshaSome key aspects of Lord GaneshaGanesha is worshipped by 5 famous Sanskrit shlokas The Main Character of Lord GaneshaThe Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi FestivalThe History of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in India: Honoring the Elephant-Headed GodPublic Celebrations and Mandalas:Conclusion Introduction In a world that continuously evolves, where traditions meet... Continue Reading →

Solar Corona: A Fascinating Cosmic Puzzle!

Solar Corona: A fascinating cosmic puzzle

Essential Home Inspection: Must-Knows for Buyers!

Once you have made an offer on a home and it has been accepted, you typically have a window of time during which you can schedule and conduct a home inspection of the property.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace: How POSH Act Prevent It?

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, commonly known as the POSH Act, plays a pivotal role in preventing and addressing workplace sexual harassment.

What made Lord Krishna a distinctive player?

Krishna's divine play serves as a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for millions of devotees around the world.

Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio: A Perfect 2-Day Getaway!

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Raksha Bandhan 2023: Celebrating the Sacred Bond of Sibling Love!

This festival holds a significant place in the hearts of Indians, symbolizing the love, protection, and support shared between siblings.

Database marketing: The future of 3 Ps

Database marketing makes businesses' interactions with audiences more personal, precise, and profitable.

“Golden Beauty and Grace: Devi Lakshmi’s Radiance in Varalakshmi Vratham”

In the heartlands of South India, the air is charged with an ethereal fervor as the auspicious occasion of Varalakshmi Vratham dawns upon the devoted.

India’s Historic Space Milestone: Expanding Horizons!

IN-Space has received 135 applications from non-governmental organizations and start-ups in the space sector

Chandrayaan-3: The Triumph of India’s Lunar Odyssey

Chandrayaan-3 is a shining jewel in ISRO's Chandrayaan program, marking the third lunar exploration mission.

Home Price: Managed fences can increase it!

Home prices can be improved with having attractive and appropriate fencing. It also adds security and privacy to the area.

Harmonizing Diversity: Exploring India’s Uniform Civil Code!

The first petition, filed by BJP leader and lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay in 2019 to seek the establishment of a Uniform Civil Code.

Software Validation Deliverables: A Comprehensive Guide

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, where Artificial Intelligence is transforming possibilities, the role of Software Validation Deliverables becomes even more critical.

“National Watermelon Day 2023: Savoring Summer’s Sweetness”

August 3rd is designated as National Watermelon Day to celebrate one of the summer's most refreshing and iconic fruits.

“A Closer Look at Indian Laws Against Elderly Abuse and Neglect”

Elder abuse is a serious violation of their rights that can take many forms, including financial, physical, emotional, or neglect. It's particularly harmful to seniors who are already vulnerable because of their age.

Nanoscience and Technology: Shaping the Future of Biology for Everyday Life!

Abstract: About the Author What is Nanotechnology?Purpose of this paperNanoparticles in Biomedical Applications: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Non-Noble MetalsApplications of NanomaterialsEveryday items that include nanotechnologyNanotechnology in Agriculture: Enhancing Crop Production and Livestock IndustryNanotechnology's potential in biologyConclusionJoin the Knowledge Revolution Today! Abstract: This research article delves into the emerging concept of Nano Science and Technology in... Continue Reading →

The Radiant Star: Priya Mahadevappa, An Inspiring Soul

Mrs. Priya Mahadevappa manages IQAC. Her life experiences have shaped her into a formidable force of strength and grace.

How well do you communicate in meetings?

In meetings and group discussions, some individuals tend to dominate conversations, often without realizing the negative consequences of their behavior

How Startupfloor Revolutionized the “Main Bhi Kissan” Concept?

With Startupfloor gaining momentum, the "Main Bhi Kissan" concept represents their commitment to bridging the urban-rural divide and unlocking rural opportunities.

Embracing Risk: The Dilemma of Daring or Regretting

Brace yourself for a thought-provoking exploration of daring choices, regret, and the profound impact they can have.

Can AI and Comprehensive Data Analysis Revolutionize Healthcare?

Incorporating AI and data analysis techniques can transform patient care, diagnosis, and treatment, resulting in improved outcomes.

Statistical Patterns in NLP Models: 10 Key Questions!

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), statistical patterns play a crucial role in helping machines understand and process human language.

Boost your skin & hair’s health with ripe mangoes.

Ripe mangoes are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes that nourish your skin from the inside out.

Resilient house: A hidden asset in real estate!

A resilient house offers enhanced durability, and energy efficiency, and withstands climate-related events beyond the conventional features sought by buyers, such as location and aesthetics.

Gilded Devotion: A poetry dedicated to Lord Venkataramana!

his enchanting narrative celebrates the power of devotion, inspiring hearts to seek solace and connect with the profound beauty of spiritual devotion.

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