What can you do to keep your kids busy without electronic devices?

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During the working day, parents worry about keeping their kids occupied, as they don’t have enough time to spend the whole day with them. So, you can develop some plans and activities ideas for kids in the house during the summer holidays. Keeping kids indoors needs some strategies. In this article, you will find some ideas.

Children are very energetic. It is a challenge to harness their mental and physical energy correctly, especially in a healthy environment. If you do not engage them in some work, they directly adopt electronic entertainment, which threatens their mental and physical health.

children playing on inflatable castle
Children playing on an inflatable castle

Many schools are currently closed due to summer vacation. So now parents are planning to keep their kids busy at home. Austin, an elementary school teacher, says, “Maintaining truly active children is not just a task, but it is a necessarily positive development process.

Children are very energetic. It is a challenge to harness their mental and physical energy correctly, especially in a healthy environment. We do management of their power in many activities in school, but it comes as a challenge for the parents when they are at home because most parents are busy on the weekdays.

a family decorating their home together
A family decorating their home together

So in whose house both the parents are engaged, the children sitting at home are seen as a problem. However, they feel free to do anything in the lack of assigned work, but in the process, especially in the case of young children, they accompany their parents, complaining of boredom; A challenge starts in front of the parents how they will keep the child busy for 8 to 9 hours? Another possibility is that it is also a good opportunity for busy parents to rest their minds between work.

  • Build friendships because in-home, kids miss their friends. They need someone to share their thoughts. So, this is the first strategy to give them a task and get involved in it.
  • Fundraise for charity work– Discuss the importance of charity work with your children. Ask your children to create a donation stand or box and instruct them on how to collect donations in a respectful manner. They can do it in neighborhoods.
  • Build a small tent library– Kids love tents. You can make a unique library space for kids in your home. Bring different books from the public library and in-home, and make a special tent for reading with fun. Reading in the tent could be an excellent idea for the kids. Indeed, they will enjoy reading and playing there.
  • Cooking & Decorating Foods– You can make your kitchen safe when you plan to involve your kids in the kitchen in the summertime. You can give some liabilities to your kids, like- making sandwiches for breakfast, cookies decorations, or salad arrangements, making lemon-water, homemade cake decorations, etc.
  • DIY and Art– Bring a painting or other DIY set to your home. It is an excellent present for them, and kids like to do it at home. Through art, they express themselves in many ways, and DIY toys keep them busy for many hours. Ask your kids about their interesting areas, and accordingly, buy toys.
  • Home cleaning – Tell your kids why they need to live in a clean home. If they know the importance of cleaning, they will adopt some cleaning activities. In addition, you can give them some rewards for cleaning help.
  • Solving Puzzles– Puzzles help build memory skills and skills for planning, testing ideas, and solving problems. To complete a puzzle, children have to recall shapes, colors, positions, and strategies to accomplish them.
  • Map Work– An excellent way to involve children in historical knowledge is by connecting them with it. It may be helpful to have a map along with the book so they can mark some historical spots on the map. You can give many activities to them, like Geographical Identification, map treasure hunt, wayfinding and calculating, etc.
  • Activities workbooks– Bring some special activities workbooks for your kids. It can help them to do a mental exercise.

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kids are playing map game
kids are playing map game

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