It was a soccer game that taught me many valuable life lessons…

Any group sport or activity becomes quite useful for personal development when someone understands its real meaning, separate from the rules.

I experienced real situations as if I were in a movie or a “real-life cases” documental!

 An account of my life (1957-1978) AuthorLeopoldo Gomez-Diaz Retired Engineer, The Mexican Petroleum Institute Leopoldo Gomez-Diaz is this story's author, and the story is based on his life experiences. He is from Mexico City. He is a retired Engineer and was related 40 years to The Mexican Petroleum Institute. He taught at The National Autonomous... Continue Reading →

This girl is so in love with Holi!

Holi should be a colorful time for everyone, and everyone should become friends with each other. We see the colors meet and fly together.

VIC VEGA VV: A clothing brand headed for a tie-up with California

VIC VEGA VV is a Memphis-based clothing brand. The brand is rising continuously and getting noticed for its unique logo style and appearance.

How did NRI-Satnam Singh Chahal make a strong presence in California?

I was on the frontline after 9/11 when Sikhs and South Asian people were being targeted at their workplaces.

Here is a first experience-story about California…

I THINK AMERICAN FILM DIRECTORS DESERVE CREDIT when I look back at this scene. Several American films depict their cities well and inspire lust for beautiful landscapes.

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