How The Kashmir Files is breaking the silence on hidden truth!

Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal
Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal (Guest Author)

The awakening that is taking place because of the low-budget, truth-oriented film “The Kashmir Files” is miraculous. Not only India, but the entire world, is waiting to learn the truth that has been kept hidden for the past 32 years. Many media personalities, political parties, and social organizations are being exposed as having lied or never told the truth with malice. Those who loudly preach “Humanity” remained silent for these years, painting an inaccurate picture of the unimaginable horror that occurred in 1990. After the incidence, thousands of civilian and military men could have been saved in last 32 years if the truth had been revealed and rightly intended lawful actions had been taken at the time. Terrorist groups gained confidence because of the lack of action and a weak media role. Local terrorist groups with terrorist country Pakistan discovered fertile ground for deep-rooted terrorism activities. The plight of Kashmiri Hindus was never ending; those who were leaving lavishly were suddenly forced to leave in a roadside tent in a bad situation, suffering from mental trauma because of the incident.

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Few foreign-funded and Pakistan-loving media personalities began to shift the narrative in favour of terrorists, while others remained silent as if nothing had happened. Have those who follow communism and preach the world of humanity and social equanimity lost their minds, emotions, feelings, and Dharma? I hope people see the true face of many such people who play with people’s emotions in order to deceive them in order to gain wealth and power.

It is the organizations that follow the principle of Sanatan Dharma that always come for unconditional help, even if they have been hated by one section of the media or many organizations that follow communism or haters of sanatan dharma. Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Art of Living, and a few other Sanatan organizations stepped forward to help in any way they could.

International media, universities, and social organizations should come forward and study with an open heart, then publish the report so that the rest of the world knows what happened to Kashmiri Hindus, not to create hatred but to raise awareness and disown the lies. They will undoubtedly recognize the greatness of the Hindu people, who were persecuted, betrayed, and tortured but never retaliated violently. Even today, many people are questioning the film’s release, claiming that it will cause social unrest. After more than a week, not a single Hindu organization retaliated violently; this is the beauty of Sanatan Dharma. If the United Nations and other global organizations are serious about promoting peace and harmony among societies and nations, Sanatan Dharma is the way to go. It does not imply that others should change their faith; rather, they should follow their own faith while imbibing principles of Sanatan Dharma.

The people of Kashmir have seen a positive change in their lives because of the Modi government’s growth-oriented policies and actions, particularly since the repeal of Article 370. The valley is regaining its peace. With massive government spending, the people there should not forget the sacrifices of our soldiers and many civilians. Pakistan, a failed nation that is begging at the doors of every country, cannot help them. Religious fanatics who brainwash Kashmir’s youth are dealt with firm laws and actions.

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Every citizen has the right to know the truth about their country’s history. It contributes to the development of corrective and preventive measures to provide future generations with a strong cultural foundation and social and economic growth. A country that ignores its history is doomed to repeat it.

Communists should seriously study history and reflect; in 1960, they controlled nearly one-third of the world; today, they are on the verge of extinction. Sanatan Dharma is the only solution to hatred and injustice; let Sanatan Dharma flourish in every part of the world to cherish life, bring harmony, and social equanimity.

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