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Poorna: Courage Has No Limit is a biographical drama directed and produced by Rahul Bose, released in 2017 in India. Now, A 1-hour 39-minute film is on Amazon Prime. Viewers’ responses suggest that the film targets the weaker sections and female children of society. This incredibly brave achievement by Poorna Malavath takes courage stronger than the mountains. 

Why should the audience watch this film?

This film is based on the true story of Malavath Purna, who climbed and won the highest peak of Mount Everest at the age of 13 years, 11 months in 25th of May, 2014. This film shows how a small village girl makes impossible things possible with her courage and government education support. Her story is remarkable because she is a tribal girl who came from the village of Telangana state, India, where kids were going to school because of the Mid-day meal program. So her Education Journey was challenging before mountain climbing. 

The film cleverly identified the issues of the village education program, and on the other hand, it shows the value of sports. But unfortunately, rock climbing or Mountaineering is not in the debate on the part of the Indian Education system; even people never assume that it can be a part of education & extra curriculum. And such activities are excellent for kids’ physical and mental health and grab their attention towards the environment, which is a need in action now.

A movie scene of victory
A movie scene of victory

In the film, we are left to think about three major areas and point out the plan for children, especially girls. In the film, the problem of education for girls in rural areas is explored, and a solution is offered in the sports sector, which can act as a bridge for connecting kids to education.

A scene of movie "Poorna"
A scene of movie “Poorna”

Here, three key points are for viewers to think deeply

  • How can Society help to pull the poor families for girls’ education?
  • How can State and District governments play an uplifting role in kids’ education?
  • How we can explore the sports field and connect it to every small school in the rural areas!

“Additionally, we found a huge difference in the lives of both the sisters in this movie. One got married and died at a young age, and the other became a mountaineer. In addition to studying, both wanted to progress. In both cases, the goal was to receive equal educational opportunities.

In this film, we can find out that if the government supports the poor families in free quality food and other facilities, the family will send their kids to school. In this film, the way an IPS officer corrects the corrupt system of the school and gives a tribal girl Poorna the dream of becoming a mountaineer provides positive vibes.

If we see the reality in Indian education system for rural areas, we can say that the Indian government has many education plans in this context. There are many schemes in India like the Mid-Day Meal program, Scholarship, and Reservation, which link all the children with the fundamental right of education, but the local authorities, who take responsibility, consistently fail to deliver corruption-free good work, and this movie shows how the school provided poor meals to kids against the government’s nutritious meal plan. We all know this is not a piece of new news, but it is always news, and as a viewer, we can count it as an issue.

Finally, we can say that films like these inspire society, and it is necessary to continue to make such films, in order to identified the issues & find solutions to societal problems.

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