Thanks to RobTop Games, We Have an Amazing Game to Play!

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Written by Prajjwal Sinha

-2nd grade student, Springdale Elementary School, Cincinnati , USA

Genre: Action game, Indie game

Play this rhythm-based action platformer and jump and fly through danger!

Geometry Dash/GD Is a video game where you jump over spikes and obstacles. If you hit a block or spike, you will die in the game. In detail, you will explode. There are also coins for extra points. There are different modes: cube, ship, wave, UFO, and Ball. Unlimited people can play this game. It is not a multiplayer game. A multiplayer game is when lots of people play on the same map either they try to help each other or destroy each other. You can go to steam or Google Play and install it to access this game, and you’re good to go after you download the game, click on play and use the right and left arrow keys to select A level.

Impossible Demon
Impossible Demon

There are also different faces that mean difficulties. They are NA, auto, easy, normal, hard, harder, crazy, insane, demon, easy demon, medium demon, hard demon, very hard demon, insane demon, and extreme demon. The hardest is called the impossible demon. I think that your precision and timing get better. Once I played this game, and the next day, we played a PE game where you had to carry a foam ball to the other side of the field and back using this spoon, and I had won!

image 21
Stereo madness level

A short story of me playing this game

“It was a warm spring day, and I was looking for a challenging game Geometry Dash nice OK Polargiest “YES SIR” (I said that because I am not horrible at this game: D) so time to go to Polargiest that level is so easy like a few jumps and you’re good. OK, Dry Out, yeah, I keep missing the second coin. It’s just tight, man. This is EZ, although it’s just in the timing. Yes, I got the second coin!”

So, in conclusion, if You Like Challenging Games, You May Want to Play Geometry Dash. There are many more levels to Play, and Thanks to RobTop Games, We Have an Amazing Game to Play!

-Prajjwal Sinha
image 22
Deadlocked level
  • Make different levels
  • Customize your icon
  • Unlock new RobTop levels.
  • Try to have your name on the leader board.
  • Challenge yourself with different game modes.
  • Download it free on Steam.
  • Use the level editor to create your own levels!
image 24
The Challenge Level

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