“We are empowering the girls to fight against the stigma related to menstruation”- Dr. Navpreet Kaur

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The Laxmi Foundation created awareness about Menstrual Hygiene in Chandigarh
“Dr.Navpreet Kaur took the initiative to break the stigma”

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Educating society about menstruation is important

Menstruation is taboo, as bleeding women/girls are mostly considered impure and dirty in India, like in many parts of the world.

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Thus most often the menstrual health and hygiene parts get ignored. To break this taboo, The Laxmi Foundation organized an awareness campaign regarding Menstrual Hygiene on the 27th of May at New Maloya Colony to mark the “Menstrual Hygiene Day” which is celebrated every year on the 28th of May to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management at a global level.

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The Laxmi foundation, an initiative by Laxmi Agarwal and Dr.Navpreet Kaur, is a renowned NGO in India that works for acid attacks and women empowerment. Dr.Navpreet Kaur with her team sensitized the women and adolescent girls about menstrual hygiene. Dr.Kaur also distributed environment “Menstrual Hygiene Kits” to the women and teenage girls.

Dr. Navpreet Kaur

 “Our menstrual hygiene kits aim to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, cleanliness, and good health. It contains environment-friendly sanitary napkins and all the important information related to menstrual hygiene. We want every girl and woman to break their silence, on this issue and provide them with sustainable access to appropriate products. We are empowering the girls to fight against the stigma related to menstruation. This distribution of sanitary kits assists our girls in gaining confidence and also ensures that they are not absent from school when they are menstruating. ”

-Dr. Navpreet Kaur (Co-Founder of the Laxmi Foundation)

You can find out more about Dr. Navpreet Kaur by clicking the link below…


The magazine is investigating the reason for the brutal crime against women – Acid Attacks. The Lawyer, Author, Social Activist, and Co-founder of The Laxmi Foundation- Dr. Navpreet Kaur, is closely working for women’s empowerment and the upliftment& social integration of acid attack survivors, underprivileged women, children, and various other weaker sections of the societyhas provided many informative answers.
Menstrual Hygiene is important
Menstrual Hygiene is important

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