Public personalities should not be used as a megaphone for misleading content…

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“In today’s article, we focus the ethical responsibilities of public speakers regarding the hate contents/ mis-leading contents/ Making the communication environment negative and inciting unhealthy actions/ subject of rising tension on social media or any other online platform.”

This is the study on Arundhati Roy’s interview, and after effects. An attempt is being made to understand this linguistic effect based on the reactions of some people to the online release post. How people take things and how they respond to them. The article presents a practical approach.

In 2021, UN Secretary-General ANTÓNIO GUTERRES said- “Social media provides a global megaphone for hate.” 

Yes, the cone-shaped instrument used to intensify or direct the voice is called a megaphone and has a large mass effect. It has the power to reach loudly but not clearly. Due to its speed, you will only be able to focus on what will come out of it, and your mind won’t have a chance to think in other directions. People are using internet-based mediums/communications to spread hatred because of this. There are many different propaganda campaigns.

man holding a megaphone

The rise of “fake news” and the proliferation of doctored narratives that are spread by humans and bots online are challenging publishers and platforms. Those trying to stop the spread of false information are working to design technical and human systems that can weed it out and minimize the ways in which bots and other schemes spread lies and misinformation.

-Pew Research Center


  • Loss of Indian image due to language.
  • Due to the repetition of the same community, a different image is created about it.
  • Repetition of unproven problems associated with the problems of a particular religion may lead to a confusing international problem.
  • Targeting speaking about a particular religion and setting up toxic psychology.
  • How to intellectually define what is true, and what is false online-talk/video/pictures?

A week ago, one of my friends shared a video of an Indian writer, and the winner of the Booker Prize 1997- Arundhati Roy on a LinkedIn message and spoke with me. She said- “I have seen the Video of Arundhati Roy on Aljazeera news. It is disappointing to see such videos, why does the name of our country come like this? Her words silently divided the country because when she spoke of Muslims, she kept Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians alone in the discussion. India is not a homeland where only one religion lives. She has tried to say through a video that the Muslims of India are being made to realize that they should not expect any help from the Indian government. She is telling that the Indian government is a gangster group, and The Muslim Community is the number one enemy of the Hindu nationalist projects.”

She describes the word “bulldoze” excellently. If you talk about this video, “Bulldoze” is not easy for everyone in a predominantly Muslim community because disturbing footage is being used to show the public. But, there is a lack of facts and information, and she can not apply to all Indian States.

People are reacting in a hateful way, which sounds against India, and it could be lead an against Indians, or Hindus. Internationally, the news is circulating that India is not safe for Muslims in the BJP government. Any individual who believes in the importance of humanity, regardless of their religious affiliation, should object, but this fight is about verification of matters. Because of technology, it is fully likely to present things wrongly worldwide. Every people will not go for verification. That’s why, the media is the way for this, but the digital media drunk poison of propaganda. So, in this way, hate words or hatred communications are growing online.”

“Rather than filling a hole in the house, I would describe it as being enlarged by destructive tools so that its component effects can be seen.”

With a stuck and desperate mindset, my friend adds more words, and says, “It is a country where people live normal, shared, and complicated lives with states of happiness. They have many challenges in life, and they try to grow every day together with the Community.No country in the world celebrates Hindu festivals in a big way, but India is the only country that celebrates every festival fully. It is the symbol of India, so why does she present India in the wrong way? We all know how politics are playing a game against each other party, and in the Covid-19 era, International politics is also showing many types of games against India. Right now, Afghanistan is disturbed, Ukraine is battling daily, no one is a savior, and all look like a big political game.” Nonetheless, all are interested that an Indian should be given the opportunity to speak out against India on an international platform, and they all applaud.”

Arundhati Roy, Indian author

Arundhati Roy

She is an Indian writer and political activist. She is known for her fiery statements on controversial political topics.

Are there criticisms of Arundhati Roy?

Making the same racial analysis over and over again serves to incite hostility and violence if it serves as a linguistic crime as well.

People of India admire Arundhati Roys’s talent and outspokenness on the issues. She has an exquisite sense of expression. But her video on Bulldozer Incident is very much discussed. Many people who love Arundhati Roy’s voice have questions about why she always represents one side.

“To flatten India’s mind-boggling religious, social, and subnational identities… into the strict hierarchy of a moribund, caste-bound Hindu nation is an unimaginably violent process. Modi was unapologetic and came to be known as “Hindu Hriday Samrat” – the Emperor of Hindu Hearts. Soon after the 2002 massacre, he called for state elections and won with a massive majority. He has never looked back since – he was elected Chief Minister of Gujarat for three terms and in 2014 was elected prime minister. And we in India have begun to look at massacres and hatefulness against Muslims as an integral part of election campaigns. During Modi’s tenure as Gujarat Chief Minster, Hitler made it into a school textbook published by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks as an inspirational leader.”- Arundhati Roy in a CNN interview.”

“India’s tragedy is not that it’s the worst place in the world – it’s that we are on our way there. We’re burning down our house. India is an experiment that is failing dangerously. Failing because our elected leaders are blinded by hate – and crippled by a severe lack of intelligence, which is the more dangerous thing. The consequences will be unimaginable.”

-Arundhati Roy ( CNN)

“We are being ruled by gangsters sort of outfitted as Hindu Godmen. And when you look at how this phenomenon of bulldozing Muslim homes is being represented or written about, it’s pretty chilling because you see the bulldozer being sort of invested with the kind of divine avenging power.”

-Arundhati Roy (Al Jazeera)

“Where you are seeing the transition of soft from fragile, flawed democracy, transitioning pretty openly, pretty brazenly into a criminal fascist enterprise, everyone in authority and every Indian knows that a good part of the most of the construction in every city and town in India is either illegal or quasi-illegal.”

-Arundhati Roy (Al Jazeera)

Why doesn’t she talk about the problems of Hindus/Sikhs, who are a minority?

She is proving Hinduism as the identity of political power as well as raising her voice against the rights of Muslims which is not sounding lawful to Indian society. It is not correct to interpret India or Indian culture in political bondage and establish its red identity. India is not limited by the political situation. Democracy is always alive in India.

She is talking about bulldozing but not describing riots, a so-called protest by students against Agnipath Scheme. How she has portrayed the bulldozer incident as a horror story, calling the Indian government a gangster, is a worrying situation for every Indian, who lives in the country, or abroad. Because in her video message, there are disturbing scenes with her specific words, which create a feeling of vengeance for India in Muslim society internationally. Afterward, Muslim communities came on the professional platform, showing their hate and waves of anger. Behind this bulldozing, riots were the main reason youths held on the government recruitment policy of “Agnipath”. It was a violent demonstration against a government scheme, in which large-scale damage to government properties was done.

Many youths were involved in rioting inside India, violently damaging national properties, she shut her mouth, but when the government took some actions to control this matter, she spoke very smartly against the government’s actions only.

. Only Muslims and Hindus are not subjects of India for speaking Internationally. Being an international and Indian writer, She can talk about many other important issues. But She doesn’t talk about guns and hate crimes in America, she doesn’t talk about the appalling situation of Muslims in China. Worldwide, there are 100 million refugees, and the numbers are increasing. Women refugees are facing sexual violence, but she is not active on these topics in the international media.

There have been incidents of hoisting Pakistani flags and raising slogans against India from time to time, but she remains silent in protest against them. Gurdwaras have been attacked in other countries, but she is not saying anything in any media but is speaking loudly on bulldozers and Hindu Rastra everywhere.

She is only attacking the Indian government and indirectly the people of India. There seems to be some international agenda to prove that democracy is moving out of India. As she is trying to convey truth and facts are completely different in India. Now because of these loud statements, Hindus are becoming an identity, against whom there can be an incident of hate action at any time. (It is a raising fear)

On hearing and reading her comments in international forums, it seems that India is becoming a Taliban, when in fact the reality is quite different. It is important for her to understand that when she speaks about India, she is speaking about every Indian mindset, but her views are separate from India.

Consequently, this video and other interviews of Arundhati Roy’s made us think more in this direction, and we are trying to understand how hate psychology is easily distributed by online statements, racism linguistic descriptions with video footage or picture without providing accurate data or circumstances.

Suppose the online speaker is famous and intellectual. In that case, the situation is more dangerous for society because it can be produced by any mission or fixed political agenda, and online content doesn’t have to wait for any action. It is distributed easily, at low cost, and anonymously while potentially reaching a global and diverse audience in real-time. Therefore, if a person has a global identity, before issuing their statement, they should assess the social and psychological impact.

Hate speech covers many forms of expressions which advocate, incite, promote or justify hatred, violence and discrimination against a person or group of persons for a variety of reasons. In many instances, ECRI has found that an effective approach to tackling hate speech, in particular cyberhate, is self-regulation by public and private institutions, media and the Internet industry, such as the adoption of codes of conduct accompanied by sanctions for non-compliance. Education and counter-speech are also equally important in fighting the misconceptions and misinformation that form the basis of hate speech. Therefore, ECRI considers that effective action against the use of hate speech requires raising public awareness of the importance of respecting pluralism and of the dangers posed by hate speech.

-ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance)

Views and Conclusion

Incorrect interpretation and presentation of facts increase the feeling of inequality in society and create vengeance. Misleading by a personality could be the cause of threatening society in the form of depression, anxiety, and negative actions. In some cases, it can not only be demeaning, but can also negatively affect their self-esteem, which can lead to depression, isolation, anger, and antisocial or destructive behavior. Arundhati’s Roy statements are an attack on Indian civilization towards a lousy political path globally. Even though Arundhati was blaming the government, India, as a country could have the brunt of it. Overall, there are about 2.3 billion Christians in the world and 1.8 billion Muslims. Hinduism has approximately 1.2 billion adherents worldwide (15-16% of the world’s population). As far as the religious population is concerned, Hindus rank lower than other religions.

So in the era of online media and communication, the public should be educated about it. In a situation where a statement is online and is being falsely disseminated against something, there is a lack of evidence, then there is also the public has a responsibility to present a related truth, and comment on their experiences, and what they feel. See where the real flaws lie and use your megaphone for a meaningful debate, ignoring religion and racial identity on online media. Boycott the false and negative expressions, which are not real.

“Technological advances are creating forces pulling in two directions: It is increasingly easy to create real-looking fake information; and it is increasingly easy to crowdsource the collection and verification of information. In the longer term, I’m optimistic that the second force will dominate – as transaction cost-reduction appears to be relatively in favor of crowds versus concentrated institutions.”

Micah Altman, director of research for the Program on Information Science at MIT

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