“I’m really lucky & Don’t waste time”, the poems by Aditya Raj

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E-Journal Times Magazine is grateful for the contributions of Aditya Raj, a 12-year-old student who has written two lovely poems for our readers. Check out Aditya’s beautiful poems below.


Aditya Raj

Grade- 7th, Arbor International School
Hyderabad, Telangana,

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Poem -1

Don’t waste time.


Don’t waste time.

 If you do so,

 You will soon meet

A problem as a foe.

Don’t waste time.

If you spend time to play a video game,

You won’t be able to do your work

And just spoil your name.

Don’t waste time.

If you just do time pass,

Many issues will fall on you

With a very big mass.

Don’t waste time.

Just follow this advice,

And soon in your life,

 You will see A bright sunrise.

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Aditya Raj

Poem-2: I am really Lucky

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I’m really lucky.
Today was my birthday.
The whole class clapped,
And wished me a good day.

I’m really lucky.
I received something to be fit
By my friend as a birthday gift,
And that even too a cricket kit.

I’m really lucky.
I wanted to bake,
Which I actually did,
My own birthday cake.

I’m really lucky.
This was a lovely day,
And I will not forget it,
Which I can certainly say.

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