Gilded Devotion: A poetry dedicated to Lord Venkataramana!

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Poem’s Gist in a Nutshell

The main focus of this poem is to depict the true devotion that a golden child has to Lord Venkateshwara Swamy in the revered Tirumala Hills, which have become so significant to Indian culture. It depicts the unwavering faith and innocence of the young devotee as he embarks on a sacred pilgrimage to seek the divine view.

Tirumala Hills
Tirumala Hills

The poem highlights the beauty of the surroundings, the spiritual ambiance, and the transformative power of an encounter with the divine. Through vivid descriptions and heartfelt expressions, it captures the deep connection between the devotee and the divine.

It emphasizes the bliss, love, and gratitude experienced on this sacred journey. The devoted child becomes a symbol of inspiration, encouraging others to seek solace and the divine presence in their own lives. Ultimately, the poem celebrates the profound impact of devotion and the eternal radiance it brings to the soul.

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Gilded Devotion: The Golden Child’s Quest for Lord Venkataramana on the Revered Tirumala Hills.

Lord Venkataramana

In the land of devotion, where miracles abound,

There’s a golden child, with a heart so profound.

A devotee of Venkateshwara Swamy, pure and true,

He embarked on a sacred journey, to seek the divine view.

With innocence and faith,

he climbed the Tirumala Hills,

Each step filled with anticipation,

his heart filled with thrills.

The sacred chants echoed in his soul, guiding his way,

As he ascended the path, with devotion as his sway.

The golden child, his eyes filled with divine light,

Gazed upon the majestic hills, a celestial sight.

The fragrance of Green forest and flowers filled the air,

As he felt the presence of God, in every breath, everywhere.

In the temple’s sanctum, he stood in awe and wonder,

His heart brimming with love, his devotion a thunder.

With folded hands and a humble noblest soul, he prayed,

His words were carried by the wind, and to heaven they swayed.

In the divine presence, he felt a celestial embrace,

A moment of divine communion, in the sacred space.

His eyes beheld the deity, adorned in radiant attire,

A vision of grace and love, setting his heart on fire.

The golden child lost in the beauty of the divine,

Immersed in the blissful realm, a moment frozen in time.

His soul entwined with God, in a dance of devotion,

He became ONE with the Divine, in a Sacred Union.

With a heart filled with gratitude, he descended the hills,

Carrying the divine blessings, his soul is forever fulfilled.

The golden child, a beacon of love’s radiant flame,

Forever transformed by the encounter,

a brimming divine light lit up the soul.

In the land of devotion, his tale is forever told,

The golden child, whose Purest love for God unfolds.

May his journey inspire, hearts far and near,

To seek the divine presence, without any fear.

For in the presence of God, all hearts find solace,

A golden child’s devotion, a testament to grace.

On the Tirumala Hills, where his soul took flight,

He became a golden star, shining ever so bright

Tirupati Balaji
khushboo agrahari

A brief introduction of the writer in the following paragraphs…

Khushboo Agrahari is a seasoned Journalist with an interest in the realms of arts, culture Indian heritage, and temples. Exploring the intricate carvings of ancient temples unraveling the history behind traditional art forms or capturing the essence of cultural festivals, her writing captures the essence and significance of these subjects.

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