GREENMEC Technology & Solutions offers international partners the opportunity to collaborate with Waste Paper Recycling Technology!

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This is the story of an Indian company that wants to spread awareness of waste paper recycling technology globally. In an effort to make the environment a priority, the company is excited to create awareness. To promote waste paper recycling technology globally, the company is searching for partners and collaborators to spread the technology overseas, especially to schools, colleges and universities, and non-governmental organizations.


Samir Gora, GREENMEC Technology & Solutions, India,(Contact Info:+919818349749)

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GREENMEC Technology & Solutions’ vision is that by REUSE – REDUCE- RECYCLING

“We want Waste Paper Recycling Technology to be promoted globally for that we need Partners or Associates – who can know the technology and spread it overseas, especially in Schools, colleges and universities, NGOs, etc. GREENMEC” vision is that by REUSE – REDUCE- RECYCLING for the environment and society, and by sharing them, we can make this planet a better place to live in together.we can make this world a slightly better place to live in. we have a lot of clean air and water, responsible business culture, and excellent education–we think it’s the perfect place to start the “GREENMEC “ mission “One step towards Waste to Wealth.”

_Samir Gora, GREENMEC Technology & Solutions, India
Greenmec Technology & Solution
Paper consumption worldwide from 2020 to 2030*(in a million metric tons) (Pic: Statista)
Paper consumption worldwide from 2020 to 2030*(in a million metric tons) (Pic: Statista)

Why Paper Recycling Technology is important?

Who can Recycle

Important Facts about Paper Recycling Technology

  • According to data, 85 Million Tons of Paper Waste are created Each Year.
  • Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and 463 Gallons of Oil.
  • It also uses up to 50% less energy and 90% less water than making them from raw materials. In addition, when paper breaks down in landfill, it creates Methane Gas, a significant Greenhouse Gas with a global warming capacity 21 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide.
Recycled paper  uses
Recycled Handmade Paper by GREENNMEC
Recycled Handmade Paper by GREENNMEC

GREENMEC Technology & Solutions is for all types of Companies.

  • “GREENMEC” was introduced with the mission of “One step towards Waste to Wealth” through “Waste Paper Recycling.” “GREENMEC” has many satisfied and valuable clients supporting this Green Initiative for saving Mother Earth. “GREENMEC” is a leading technology & services provider for Waste Paper Recycling. They had ready-delivered business solutions to micro, small and medium enterprises. “GREENMEC” is a team of professionals who have received appreciation for their dedication and quality services which reflect in our earnings of “Goodwill” & “Satisfied Customers.”
  • “GREENMEC” provides total solutions, including custom-designed machines & technology know-how. The waste paper recycling technology can be used to create paper from waste paper, cotton rags, denim, etc. The final products that can be made using recycled paper include Certificates, Files, Folders, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Pen Stands, Carry Bags, lampshades, etc.
  • “GREENMEC” is for all persons and all types of Companies, Corporate- CSR, SHG Groups, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Government departments, Defense Forces, NGOs, and Organizations – not only for clean tech or social enterprises but all having sustainability. Individuals sign in to make their green effect by sharing their reasonable efforts in REUSE REDUCE RECYCLING and challenging friends and companies, liking and commenting.
  • “GREENMEC” is in a position to customize the technology package to meet your specific requirements for recycling. This customization can be in terms of scale, the preferred choice of recycling material, and the end product.
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Recycled Paper Products
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