ChatGPT answered many interesting things to read…

ChatGPT and the Google search engine serve different purposes and are not direct competitors.

SKY CURSE: This is a Book that explores the future of AI and cyborgs.

In "Sky Curse," Janet Kravetz writes about Cecilia Miller, a coder of artificial dreams who lives in the year 2045.

Dayton, Ohio’s US National Air Force Museum invites you to the Space Celebration!

"From July 30th - August 7th, the US Air Force Museum in Dayton is holding its Space Celebration.

GREENMEC Technology & Solutions offers international partners the opportunity to collaborate with Waste Paper Recycling Technology!

We want Waste Paper Recycling Technology to be promoted globally for that we need Partners or Associates - who can know the technology and spread it overseas, especially in Schools, colleges and universities, NGOs, etc.

What are the remarkable facts about India’s progress?

Today, many government and private sector companies in the country are making world-class defense equipment in India, and the doors of foreign markets have been opened for them.

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