SKY CURSE: This is a Book that explores the future of AI and cyborgs.

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“We are here now because we are all killing each other and this magnificent planet. We are all turning the morning sun into a mass murderer as billions of humans die of thirst and hunger and others drown in floods and tsunamis. Earth is slowly dying and killing us and we’re not doing enough to stop it from happening.”

As software and other related technology continue to advance, we are able to enhance our life comforts. Science and technology are advancing, and we desire a unique world. Sometimes we imagine what our future will be like- a world where everything runs on buttons, and signals. Yes, the authoress-Janet Kravetz presents a realistic view of our future society, which we are trying to create through technology and science, but the authoress has presented the serious debates on mental peace and climate change amidst the fantasy.

The author succeeds in visualizing the destruction of our Earth in the future plot of 2045-2050 by squeezing out its abundance, over-exploited out of necessity, and now simply wanting to leave it to its fate.

This book takes the reader into the future’s virtual worlds. This science fiction is infused with intense emotional debate, where humans live with robots, androids, and cyborgs. Despite everything being described as scientific mode according to the time going on, the future holds many possibilities to see technological advancement live, which is shown in the Book-Journey.

Every page of this book thrills with technical concepts of humanity, and society, where readers can think about private drones, robot workers, and android helpers.

“A human clone could be genetically enhanced, a cyborg could be a human or a human clone with robotic body parts and enhanced DNA, or — like Cecilia — stay an original human installed with a brain chip which allowed for synchronization with artificial intelligence, but nothing more.”

The main character of the Plot in SKY CURSE

Do you think technology can help to save Earth when it will become overpopulated with 25 billion people, and maxes out its resources? Is it better for the earth to be left to fate or be saved by a humanist and technology’s resiliency? Does Cecilia have the ability to do this?

Due to the thrill in the story with a moral sense, readers are also able to ask themselves these questions.

In “Sky Curse,” Janet Kravetz writes about Cecilia Miller, a coder of artificial dreams who lives in the year 2045 when climate chaos has become mainstream and humanity’s collective mental health has deteriorated.

As this novel features the cyborg character, readers get a sense of a human coder with mechanical elements embedded in their bodies that extend their physical abilities beyond normal humans. Cecilia, the cyborg character in the novel, embodies the cyborg’s traits in a living way.

The character consumes artificial dreams, downloading power naps from the motherboard. Dream coder Cecilia Miller believes that real dreamers are lazy people who enjoy doing nothing. This is because learning occurs subconsciously instead of consciously.

In addition to working for the Android Boss, the character also hates him because privacy doesn’t exist in the cyborg’s life. There is artificial life. In this novel, through words and expressions of character, it is well realized to readers how the whole world changes from human to mechanical human- a cyborg. Here is the challenge between real human emotions, and artificial power.

Here is the introduction of an award-winning authoress…

Janet Kravetz

Janet Kravetz (sometimes writing under the pen name Topaz Ruby) is an award-winning author, poet, and artist as well as a mental health advocate. “Sky Curse: The Chosen Five” is her first novel of her.

Janet was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel, where she had a career in legal research and public policy, joining the Israel Bar in 2009. Soon thereafter she immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada, and continued working in the field of legal research and public policy, while volunteering with various local committees for the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

She speaks Russian, Hebrew, and English 2013 she launched a career as an award-winning poet, and in 2014 as an award-winning author when her self-published book of poetry and art “Reaching Beyond Ourselves – Leading a Spiritual, peaceful and Diverse World” won the international Beverly Hills Book Awards for both content and presentation (under the pen name Topaz Ruby). In the following years, Janet turned to write more poetry and also a few unpublished manuscripts about topics of spirituality, mental health, diversity, and the environment. She writes in plain language that children and immigrants can understand.

Read, what the Authoress says about her first Novel…

1. What made you choose this topic for your writing?

Janet: Somewhere in 2014, I had a profound realization. It all started when my book Reaching Beyond Ourselves: Leading a Spiritual, Peaceful, and Diverse World had just won an international book award. I realized that the world cannot be spiritual, peaceful, and diverse as long as climate change and the ever-growing scarcity of natural resources are threatening our near future. We live in unprecedented times when our sustainability efforts as well as our technological advances and failures will one day define humanity. Thus, I came to believe that authors and poets should help facilitate discussions about sustainability and the future of technology. At that point, making a real impact through my near-future sci-fi writing seemed to take precedence over anything else. To start conversations on this, I knew I wanted to write a mind-provoking sci-fi novel series on this topic.

2. How would you assess the future of artificial intelligence on humanity?

Janet: It can only go two ways: either uplifting or devastating. YouTube and Google algorithms helped me do the necessary research for writing Sky Curse. I used AI for a good cause. Yet AI holds today power unseen before. It is up to humanity to decide how to use AI wisely and carefully for good causes. The problem is a race to the bottom to use AI for inflicting harm. For example, if one country creates AI soldiers, then the rest of the countries would follow suit in self-defense. Book 1 in the Sky Curse series describes a dystopian future, where AI is slowly taking over the world without any major challenges, simply by tricking people into accepting a future dictated by AI. That’s one plausible future that I hope humanity will manage to avoid. 

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