Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed an MoU to facilitate new-age technology

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By Khushboo Agrahari

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Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a Centre of Excellence that will facilitate new-age technology domains such as Quantum Computing, Explainable AI, and Metaverses on its campus.

Mahindra University(Check at held its 1st Annual Convocation at the Tech Mahindra Campus in Bahadurpally on Saturday, 23rd, 2022. The Convocation Address was delivered by the Chief Guest Shri KT Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister, Government of Telangana, in a ceremony presided over by Shri Anand Mahindra (Read more about Anand Mahindra at, Chancellor, Mahindra University, in the presence of the Guest of Honor Dr. Krishna Ella, Chairman, Bharat Biotech International, and other esteemed dignitaries.

Dr. Yajulu Medury

“Mahindra University was established with the sole vision of creating Global Thinkers and Engaged Leaders through an international curriculum and research-based learning. We are proud of our graduates and wish them the very best in their endeavors.”

Dr. Yajulu Medury,

Vice Chancellor, Mahindra University, India

According to CP Gurnani, MD & CEO of Tech Mahindra, “The MoU will enable students to gain skills while studying contemporary subjects. We aim to create a future-ready talent pool by leveraging technology and collaborating.” The Convocation also featured the inauguration of MU’s state of art X-Ray Diffraction Facility, which would facilitate research and development across molecular science.

Shri Anand Mahindra commented, “Mahindra University is committed to the
synergistic working of all its constituent institutions. An interdisciplinary education will
help accelerate the trend toward ‘whole-brain’ thinking, which integrates both the Sciences and Humanities. India has the potential to become a global center for this
model of futuristic education.”

At this special event, Krishna Ella, founder, and chief executive officer of Bharat Biotech International, stressed the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship among young people.

Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed a Memorandum

Mahindra University works towards “Educating future citizens for and of a better world.”

Mahindra University, headquartered in Hyderabad (India), is a multi-disciplinary University. It works towards “Educating future citizens for and of a better world” and is envisioned to be a Private University that will play a significant role in driving quality improvements and innovation in higher learning in the coming years. Mahindra University will focus on generating new knowledge through engagement in cutting-edge research, creating a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and undertaking collaborative projects with industry and other academic institutions. In 2021, Mahindra University launched the School of Management, the Indira Mahindra School of Education, and the School of Law. These will be followed by the School of Media and Liberal Arts launch in 2022. The University is sponsored by Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI), a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Anand Mahindra

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Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed a Memorandum

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