ChatGPT answered many interesting things to read…

ChatGPT and the Google search engine serve different purposes and are not direct competitors.

Cybersecurity threats require more coordinated international efforts – Dr. Divya Tanwar

Cybersecurity is an International concern because new security challenges lie ahead. So, You will find an essential talk with Dr. Divya Tanwar (Professor/ Director, Sanskriti University) about Cybercrime/ Cybersecurity on this page. Also, you will look at how less knowledge of the technical language and lack of international law contribute to the problem. Please find more... Continue Reading →

Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed an MoU to facilitate new-age technology

By Khushboo Agrahari Read more articles by Khushboo Agrahari at Mahindra University and Tech Mahindra have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a Centre of Excellence that will facilitate new-age technology domains such as Quantum Computing, Explainable AI, and Metaverses on its campus. Mahindra University(Check at held its 1st Annual Convocation... Continue Reading →

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