“I created this unique 3D collage art using 29 Indian Traditional Symbols”- Prajakta Moharir

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“Through these symbols, Indian culture expresses its divinity & prosperity.”

My intention was to create this with the hope that it will be an excellent treat for the eyes of the viewers with some worthy information and awareness.

This is a 3D Fine Art Frame that is protected by all copyrights. I believe that the sense of art rests in the eye of the beholder. Feel free to reach out to the following link with any comments you may have.

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Prajakta Moharir, founder of Antarmay Academy, Mason USA

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Rangoli artist Prajakta Moharir explores a sacred belief at the center of her art, and always tries to make things beautiful.

An Indian traditional symbol collage is featured in her latest original artwork. The beautiful artwork will grab your attention and give your house a divine look.

You can contact her if you would like to discuss this artwork or purchase it. Her contact info is  prajaktaswara@gmail.com/ ph- 513-883-4699

There is a property right in this artwork that belongs to Prajakta Moharir
There is a property right in this artwork that belongs to Prajakta Moharir.

How I got the idea of making this 3D frame?

After I visited Darshana, the traveling exhibition about Hindu traditions and culture (Organized by HSS in Mason) including different Ancient Indian Art forms …there was brainstorming going around my head and left me restless for a few weeks and I assumed that something creative should come out through this state of mind.

As I drew large Rangolis at a few events and received a lot of appreciation and best wishes for my Unique Art Work, one impressive response came from a community member..."This huge Rangoli is indeed a beautiful and unique Art work but don’t you feel bad to wipe it up within a few hours as it takes such painstaking efforts and energy?"

Having gone through a sea of ideas, I resolved to create something like this that would last a lifetime. Then I took it a step further and made it a 3-D model.

A lot of thinking went into making the ideas a reality with very basic materials such as ceramics, glue, and plywood sheets.

Is this artwork challenging in any way?

Bringing it to a 3D look was the biggest challenge. It took a lot of time and patience too as the clay cracked after I created the symbols.

But passion kept me carrying on and of course my family kept me encouraged as they could see that something unique would come out of this mess.
After all, it was the reflection of my respectful thoughts about Indian tradition and culture so I restarted working on it with determination to bring it into reality.

I have made the border of blocks in each box.

There are the same symbols about which I mentioned in my previous article - "Rangoli is one of the most profound Arts of the Indian cultural heritage" https://journals-times.com/2022/11/18/rangoli-satisfies-our-aesthetic-sense-prajakta-moharir/

In this art, 29 symbols are used

  1. In the left, right and bottom rows there are Shankha (shells)
  2. Samaya Chakra (time wheel)
  3. Gada (Lord Vishnu’s weapon)
  4. Padma (lotus),
  5. Oum (sacred symbol)
  6. Shree (Laxmi/Goddess of wealth)
  7. Swastik (sacred symbol)
  8. Kalash (water pot with coconut on top)
  9. Mandala (spherical rangoli)
  10. Havankunda (fire pit used for sacred ceremonies)
  11. Sarasvati (Goddess of Knowledge) rangoli
  12. Diya (earthen lamp )
  13. In the top horizontal row, there is Veena (Musical instrument)
  14. Full moon
  15. Ghanta (the temple bells)
  16. Beejamantras/sacred letters
  17. Seven chakras in the human body. (starting from R to L)
  18. In the middle, there are temples having orange flags on the top(a symbol of sacrifice)
  19. Vatavriksha (banyan tree/symbol of prosperity)
  20. Hymns coming out from the temple
  21. Shree Ganesha
  22. Scriptures from Ancient Vedas(written using peacock feathers)
  23. Holy Cow and calf
  24. Basil plant
  25. Worshipped in Hindu Culture and banana leaves and flowers are used to worship.
  26. There is also a pond where we can see
  27. Matsya (fish) and
  28. Koorma (turtles) are known as Lord Vishnu's avatars, according to ancient Hindu texts.
  29. There are a few lotus flowers in the pond that are sacred to Goddess Laxmi.
Prajakta moharir

Know about the Author & Artist

Prajakta Moharir is a Graduated and Certified in Indian classical music, Certified Music Therapist (Indian Raga Therapy)from the Indian Govt. Board of Research. She is passionate about Indian Music, Fine Arts, and Culture.
She loves performing and teaching music, Art, and cultural activities in different social organizations. Also, She likes to encourage people to find out and follow their passions.

She runs an academy named ANTARMAY, where She takes regular classes and vacation camps for singing, instrument playing, chanting, and fine arts.
She believes life is worth living beyond the materials, and many of us are gifted with one or other exceptional talent; we should pull out at least a few moments from life to follow our passion for obtaining satisfaction as a priority.

Watch this video, if you want to learn how to make Sacred symbols

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