How Startupfloor Revolutionized the “Main Bhi Kissan” Concept?

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With Startupfloor gaining momentum, the “Main Bhi Kissan” concept represents their commitment to bridging the urban-rural divide and unlocking rural opportunities.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, success stories often emerge from unexpected places. One such tale revolves around an individual from a non-business class family who embarked on a remarkable journey.

This individual was working for a software company in Patna in 2019 when he received a call from an incubator regarding an innovative business scheme. This opportunity appealed to him, so he applied immediately. He had no idea that this decision would result in the creation of a groundbreaking startup and the realization of a vision to empower farmers and address rural migration.

So, let’s find out what his entrepreneurial journey has been like, and what he hopes to provide to society.

Unleashing the Potential: Startupfloor – Empowering Farmers and Newcomers for a Transformed Rural Landscape

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“My startup, born from a deep desire to uplift farmers and empower newcomers, stands as a beacon of hope. It transcends the boundaries set by traditional business classes, offering innovative solutions to tap into the unseen potential within rural areas. Startupfloor is not just an online platform; it is a catalyst for change, enabling individuals to confidently set foot in the world of business. With each passing day, my dream to bridge the gap between rural and urban sectors becomes a reality, one empowered farmer and newcomer at a time.”

-Kumar Sachin (Technical Entrepreneur & Founder of Call for enquiry here @ +91 8178164089 or
mail him at

For the concept of “Mai bhi kissan”, we launched startupfloor

  • “Main bhi kissan” is a concept to draw back attention to urban unemployed youth to rural sector business. These businesses are not only related to farming but also to other profitable business scopes in rural areas. Startupfloor is trying to minimize the gap between urban and rural business sectors and scope.
  • For this, we have launched an online platform where a person can post an advertisement of his/her rural properties, which can attract buyers from all segments and areas. We also trying to solve the pricing issue of properties on online mediums with the help of integrated technology.
  • If this system succeeded in reducing urban unemployment, it will be a great achievement. Right now, we are in the last phase of developing technology for end-to-end services. At the same time, our other IT services are helping our startup to stand out.
  • We are assuming our startup to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship, particularly in our state.
  • For this, we have collected the data to compare rural income growth and urban income growth in recent years. So, We can say a lot of opportunities are waiting on the startupfloor for our youth.
  • “Main bhi kissan” is the widest solution for most of the unemployment problems. We have assumed our growth rate to increase exponentially (minimum 4 times) per year.

A Vision Driven by Empathy

I’ve always been more than just a software professional. As a passionate blogger, I frequently shed light on the challenges faced by our society. But one issue struck a chord deep within me—the relentless migration of workers from my own state in search of livelihoods elsewhere. Driven by empathy and armed with my technological expertise, I set out on a mission to find a solution that would empower my fellow farmers and create sustainable change. Read Kumar Sachin written story at

Nurturing an Innovative Concept

Countless hours were spent tirelessly delving into the heart of the problem, searching for a breakthrough. And then it happened—a moment of inspiration. Fueled by the success of my own resume model, I envisioned an online platform that would unlock the potential of rural areas. It would enable farmers and newcomers to utilize their land and spaces to sell or rent to clients. This groundbreaking idea became the core of my startup, one that would revolutionize the way rural communities thrive.

Ready to Attract Investors

After countless trials and tribulations, my model is finally ready to captivate potential investors. The heart and soul of my startup lie in its dedication to helping farmers and newcomers become self-sufficient. We provide them with the tools and support they need to tap into the hidden potential of their land and spaces. Moreover, our online platform serves as a bridge, connecting these individuals with clients who are eager to engage with rural communities.

Beyond the Conventional

But that’s not all. In addition to our primary focus on empowering farmers, our startup offers other software solutions that further expand our impact. With these innovative offerings, we have carved a niche for ourselves in an industry traditionally dominated by established business families. It’s a testament to the fact that a startup’s success is not determined by one’s background but rather by the passion and creativity one brings to the table.

A Personal Journey of Growth

Throughout this rollercoaster journey, I faced countless uncertainties and challenges. Marketing strategies and building a solid client base seemed like daunting tasks at times. But through my participation in various events, I learned the art of setting clear goals and devising effective business processes. It’s been a journey of personal growth, a testament to the power of perseverance and unwavering belief in one’s vision. Visit my LinkedIn profile at

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