Reaching your Most Disruptive Dreams is Just Like Getting the Everest!

"Conquer your most disruptive dreams like scaling Everest!"

Find out all about Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival 2022!

Have you ever heard that in Mexico people celebrate the day of the dead festival for their loved ones who have died? Do you know who is the Mexican “Catrina” character? Have you written a “Calaverita” (kind of a funny poem about death) to somebody dead or alive? Have you seen a lot of pantheons... Continue Reading →

I experienced real situations as if I were in a movie or a “real-life cases” documental!

 An account of my life (1957-1978) AuthorLeopoldo Gomez-Diaz Retired Engineer, The Mexican Petroleum Institute Leopoldo Gomez-Diaz is this story's author, and the story is based on his life experiences. He is from Mexico City. He is a retired Engineer and was related 40 years to The Mexican Petroleum Institute. He taught at The National Autonomous... Continue Reading →

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