Reaching your Most Disruptive Dreams is Just Like Getting the Everest!

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Leopoldo Gomez-Diaz

Leopoldo Gomez-Diaz is a Retired Engineer from The Mexican Petroleum Institute. His background in teaching and extensive experience in decision-making processes related to strategic planning, technology, economics, project evaluation, energy analysis, training, and marketing strategies. After a successful career, he embarked on a new journey of writing and further studies in California.

disruptive dreams

The challenges to achieving your disruptive dreams are similar to those corresponding to climbing Everest, metaphorically speaking. On the world’s highest mountain, there are some camps at different altitudes.

To reach each camp, you must train your body to breathe at reduced oxygen pressure as long as you go up,  keeping in your mind the decision to reach the top, and focusing on your goal.

Not only do you need strong determination, character, compromise, discipline, training, courage, integration into a team, and good luck, but overcome your fears, and fight your “ghosts”.

You must manage the whole process related to your strengths and weaknesses, facing the external adversities that could be present at any moment.

climbing everest

 Alpinists decide to climb the highest mountain for different reasons, I would say that most of them have decided to climb it to show themselves something important, for example, to admire the natural beauty and magnificence of the mountain, searching for internal peace, as introspection to the deepest part of their self, as the challenge to be able to reach a disruptive goal, face their fears, improving and showing their athletic skills, or just to enjoy to be on the summit of Everest.

Similarly, some of these have been my reasons to start to follow a disruptive dream.

The first and most important decision is choosing the dream to follow. Sometimes, choosing the right one is not an easy task, because you must be sure of how passionate is it, and have very clear in your mind all the dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance, satisfaction, and risks to be taken, to get up to your own Everest.

That means that you must first know yourself quite well, how you are, what you like, what you expect in life, what satisfies you, how emotional you are, etc. In my case, I consider that once I choose a dream and start thinking and working on it, is as if I have done half of it already because I draw in my mind a general route and I can imagine how I will overcome adversities to see myself at the summit of my mountain tying my banner at the very top as alpinist do.

Choosing the dream and starting to work on it means a lot to me, it is the first important decision to be made, and then work persistently to achieve it.


Whenever you start an important or disruptive new activity, some inconveniences appear on different fronts, some are predictable, and others aren’t. In these situations you must be determined enough to keep on the route, facing any problem with discipline, commitment, and humor against adversities. Read also,

These capabilities are some of the ones that determine your personality, character, and strength. Without these capabilities, you won’t be able to get any disruptive dream. Remember always enjoy climbing your mountains. Life should not be taken so seriously, smile, enjoy the journey, and try to be happy. Make fun mainly of yourself. Smile in the face of adversity and surely things will go better.

Imagine yourself up on the mountain, facing either two possible situations. First, when “minor problems” like an illness issue, physical injuries, or running out of food might be present. Second, when “bigger problems” like lack of bottled oxygen, storms, ice-falls, or avalanches might happen. The important questions to be answered are, how will you react and what could you do to face these adversities? Are you emotionally and physically well prepared to face that?

In these situations, you must decide to quit or move on. It is when you show your character, strength, essence, and personality, your true self.  Of course, if you decide to continue, you must have not only a reliable adviser, and a supporting team, but most importantly, the temper, conviction, and spirit to continue with enthusiasm and courage, you must be brave enough to continue until you conquer the summit.

I have seen, in several situations, how people transform as soon as something unexpected happens, even in small situations of danger, some of them were not prepared to face these types of emotions when fear appears suddenly.

a picture of Dreams come true

Remember that in any difficult situation, you can ask for advice, you are not alone, you are part of a team, so use your strengths, and choose the right person to guide you through difficult or stormy conditions. Also, you must be aware that sometimes, in the face of great adversity, you have to be wise enough to decide not to continue preserving your emotional and physical integrity, just for safety reasons.

 a person standing triumphantly a top a towering mountain peak, their face reflecting determination and joy despite the challenging high-altitude conditions. They are proudly tying a banner to signify their accomplishment, with breathtaking panoramic views of rugged terrain and the frozen winds sweeping around them.

When people focus on achieving a dream, and suddenly a big problem arises, some may react in a rush or panic, without calm, and most likely they make mistakes. You can see these situations while traveling, working, exercising, driving, at school, the office, at home, or even at a simple football game.

When something unexpected happens, some people lose their temper quite easily. If this happens up on the mountain, the consequences would have a greater impact, the dream will probably not be achieved and the entire team involved will be affected. The risk will be around, not only in the dream success, people’s integrity, and perhaps some personal relationships but also in the self-esteem and confidence of the participants.

We all have fears, kids, teenagers, and adults. The important issue is how each one manages their fears. Do fears guide your behavior or do you manage the fears- that is the theme.

When you are in big trouble try to stay calm, think, take a deep breath, control your emotions, take your time, close your eyes, look for options to see yourself at the summit, and if necessary ask for advice and then choose the “best” way to climb the mountain.

There are no easy ways, you have to choose an option, and in most cases “doing nothing” is not an option. So you have to be smart enough to choose the “right” one with the least risk or the “least bad option”. Sometimes the hardest decision to make is “not continue”, but in the end, it might be the smartest one for security reasons.

In case you decide to go on, when getting closer to the peak, around the highest camp, a sadness and joy zone, where the air is at considerably lower pressure, making it hard to breathe, the zone where you must climb very slowly, giving a step and taking two or three deep breaths.

The zone where If you do not breathe enough oxygen you can have pulmonary or cerebral edema or blood embolisms. At such altitudes, the heart works harder to pump blood throughout the body and supply oxygen. In these situations, you could easily hallucinate, or your “ghosts” might suddenly appear from the subconscious, causing you to behave in unexpected ways.

Remember, there is no mountain that you cannot conquer, you are the dream’s owner, therefore, the mountain’s height and difficulty will be defined by the dream itself, by you.

Dare to pursue passionate, and attractive dreams that fulfill your soul and spirit, no matter if they are difficult or disruptive that involve very high mountains to climb.

Just imagine yourself exhausted, so tired at that altitude, where the frozen wind is flowing, smiling and tying your banner at the mountain’s summit, and feeling all the emotions and satisfactions of being at the summit, saying: I did it, despite illnesses, injuries, and accidents that arose, regardless of the storms or avalanches, despite everything, and no matter what, I did it. And you, how high have you chosen your mountains?

Would you dare to climb further up?

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