Diwali 2022: How to celebrate it simply!

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Diwali 2022 will be celebrated on 24 October.
Diwali or Deepavali is the “festival of lights.” One reason why light is so significant in human life is the way our visual apparatus is made. For other creatures, light simply means survival. But for a human being, light is not just about seeing or not seeing. The rising of light in our life signifies a new beginning and, above all, clarity. Most creatures exist by instinct, so they have no issues of confusion as to what to do or not to do. 


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Diwali or Deepawali originated in India, but now it is a global festival thanks to the beautiful way it is celebrated by utilizing earthen lamps and colorful lights. Like Christmas, Diwali is marked by beautiful lighting decorations inside and outside of houses, and in public areas. Therefore, lighting and decoration have a significant value on this occasion. Its name means “festival of lights” because of that. The original name of Diwali is “Deepawali”, which means the garland of deep(In India, Deep is made of organic soil or metal. This special design pot-lamp is filled with mustered/ sesame oil or Ghee-Cow milk butter. People light these lamps in many numbers, and it looks like a garland.)

Why is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is not limited to decorations, lighting, or playing with crackers. The festival is celebrated 5 days long, and every day, there is a special spiritual process and beliefs. Diwali is the fifth and most important day of celebration. In India, Diwali is celebrated by people differently, and there are some ancient stories related to this festival, which give a lesson of “GOOD OVER EVIL, & VICTORY OF POSITIVITY OVER NEGATIVITY.”

lighted candles on flowers on Diwali
lighted candles on flowers on Diwali
  • Preparation for this festival begins with cleaning the house inside and outside. According to mythology, The Goddess of Wealth – Mother Laxmi won’t visit your house if you don’t keep your house clean, or outside. In addition, Lord Ganesha, who is the God of intellect and fortune, will not stay with you. So, there is a scientific value related to this mythology, which shows cleaning is necessary for your healthy mind and positive energy. If you have positive energy, and a healthy mind, you are capable to achieve anything, whatever you want.
  • North Indians celebrate Diwali as the day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years in the forest. He had conquered the demonic powers. It is said that thousands of lamps were lit in his honor on this moonless night.
  • Throughout eastern India, Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja and is devoted to Kali. As the goddess of preservation, Mother Kali is revered as the protector of nature. The appearance of Mother Kali is unique. She is black as a dark night and annihilates evil. So, on the day of Diwali, worshippers do special chanting to make happy of Mother Kaali.
  • As a result of Krishna’s victory over the demon Narakasura on this day, southern India celebrates Diwali. Yogic lore uses a culturally relevant expression to convey a significant aspect of the spiritual process to the masses. Krishna’s slaying of this hellish being symbolizes the innate ability of every human being to overcome negativity and rise to new possibilities. Read more about Narkasura at https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/blog/article/diwali-festival-of-lights#point3.

Here are the 6 simple ways to celebrate Diwali …

cozy outdoor space

1. Clean your House, and arrange your Home stuff.

If you haven’t cleaned yet, do it now. By doing this, you can take out many such items, which you do not need. You can donate them. Also, you can make some space, where you can put some essential stuff accordingly. Additionally, you can change your old decor things and can bring new stuff to your house. By doing this you will feel fresh, as well as you can promote the business of local decoration. If you are an artist, then this will be a good opportunity for you.

2. Decor your House with Rangoli, and Garland on Diwali.

The decoration is the next step in celebrating Diwali. Rangoli is an art that is made with colors, flowers, or colored powder and rice on the floor. Usually, people make this design on the front of the main door’s floor. You are free to apply your artistic mind by making Rangoli. Also, you can decorate every corner with a real flower pot or garland. It will fill warmth and positivity in your house.

beautiful flower petals surrounded by lighted candles on a wooden surface
red and white floral hanging decor in diwali

3. Energized your place of worship during the Diwali Celebration.

The place of worship is very important, where we bow our heads every day and pray to God. No matter what the method of prayer, we draw hope, energy, and positivity from this place. So, you must make your worship place energized by putting fresh indoor plants, flowers, spiritual wall decor items, organic hand-crafted items, and cotton or silk cloths. Read more at https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/wisdom/article/creating-shrine-home

4. Light an Oil Lamp on the day of Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day. In India, it is called Amavasya- read more at https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/wisdom/article/meaning-of-amavasya-significance. So, there is an auspicious tradition of lighting oil lamps. An auspicious Diya (Oil or Ghee Lamp) emits a bright, warm glow that represents enlightenment, prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom. Diwali is a memorable celebration of good over evil, with diyas representing the triumph of light over darkness. Read more the significance of lighting oil lamps at https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/wisdom/article/significance-lighting-oil-lamps

Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day.
indian 7273355 1920

5. Give yourself a festive look.

Festivals are not only limited to home decoration, they also reflect your culture through your outfit and style. Whatever culture you are from, you should wear your cultural attire to the festival, and your style should be presented with simplicity. Try to give preference to organic fabrics like pure cotton or silk fabrics during festivals. Here is the link for checking details of wearing organic clothes benefits- https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/wisdom/article/why-organic-clothing-benefits-of-organic-cotton

6. Give the gift of Festive Foods.

Festivals are not meant to be limited to themselves but a link to family and social harmony. So, Let’s cook delicious and healthy meals and share them with families, neighbors, and the less fortunate. Laddu is the most liked sweet on the occasion of this festival. Read more to make healthy Ladoo ideas at https://journals-times.com/2022/10/21/enjoy-festival-with-5-healthy-food-ideas/

ladoo on Diwali
Fireworks on Diwali
Fireworks on Diwali

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