Healthy Halloween : Why should you use Pumpkins?

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Halloween is around the corner! Worldwide, this festival is symbolized by orange color carved pumpkin demon face, and adds a special touch to the Halloween decorations. But do you know that these orange demons are very healthy for you if you include them in your diet?
Pumpkin is not only related to decorations or the Halloween festival, it has superfood properties, which can keep your body energized, and cool and gives you many health benefits. So, in this article, you will read about pumpkin health benefits, the spiritual values of pumpkins, and the tradition of pumpkins on Halloween. Also, you can find some useful links for pumpkin dishes.

The tradition of Halloween in the United States.

According to history, Irish people began carving demonic faces onto turnips in order to intimidate Jack’s wandering soul. Immigrants from Ireland began carving jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins once they arrived in the United States. Irish immigrants brought to the United States a Halloween tradition of scaring away spirits with vegetables in the 19th century. To read in detail, visit

But, the question is, why only pumpkin is for Halloween?

people gathering pumpkins in the garden

American Irish discovered a new vegetable, the pumpkin, because of the pumpkin harvest time, which is August through October, and began using it to frighten away the evil spirits in the fall.

The real truth is that the Pumpkin is a Fall-Autumn season fruit in the United States, and inside pumpkins, there is a hollow, except for seeds coated with stringy flesh.

Spiritual Value of Pumpkin on Halloween.

  • Pumpkin is a symbol of gratitude, generosity, harvest, and abundance. Pumpkins also represent potential, as each pumpkin is filled with seeds that will go on to make even more pumpkins.
  • In many cultures, pumpkin is used as a spiritual fruit or vegetable. Especially in India, Pumpkin is a holy fruit, which is consumed at the festival time as the main food because of its healthy property. According to Yogic culture, it is a superfood.
  • The pumpkin symbolizes resilience in spirituality. A common source of nutrients is found in pumpkins. Even when the soil is sparse, these fruits will grow large. To read more about Pumpkin related spirituality at
clusters of pumpkin scattered in the field
clusters of pumpkin scattered in the field

Pumpkin facts, and Nutritional Value.

  1. Everywhere, you can see all-sized orange color pumpkins. The shape, size, and color of pumpkins can vary depending on the variety. 
  2. Pumpkin is a type of Cucurbitaceae fruit, such as cucumbers, gourds, melons, and squashes. Pumpkins are commonly grown for human consumption, decoration, and also for livestock feed.
  3. The best thing is that you can use every part of the pumpkin, including the flowers, leaves, stems, flesh, and seeds. All of the parts can be eaten.
  4. According to Nutrient Content facts, it is low in calories, fat-free, Saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium free, high in vitamin A, and is a good source of vitamin K. Read more about nutrition at
  5. So, For convenience and better nutrition, it is available both fresh and canned, making it a great seasonal produce. Check out Canned Pumpkin Smoothie at
  6. If we look at health, then it is very beneficial to consume it as a seasonal fruit. Also, you can keep uncut pumpkins in a cool and dry place for up to 6 months.
  7. The Health benefits of pumpkins are mainly attributed to their vitamins and minerals, as well as their low sugar and high fiber content. Also, It can help with weight loss.

What do you get from eating Pumpkin?

  • Fiber, which is good for your gut and heart health.
  • Potassium is needed for muscle
    contraction and you can get it from this fruit.
  • You will get Vitamin A from pumpkins. Vitamin A keeps tissues and skin healthy.
  • Pumpkins are a rich source of Magnesium. It helps to build bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin C helps with wound healing, and Pumpkin will provide you with vitamin C.
eating pumpkin

Don’t waste Halloween pumpkin seeds…

halloween pumpkin on the window

Seeds are full of Valuable Nutrients. …

  • A jack-o-lantern is made by carving pumpkins, and its seeds contain a wealth of nutrients. So, you can dry those Pumpkin seeds in the sun/ dehydrate them at 115-120o F for one to two hours, or by placing them in the oven on warm for three to four hours. Stir them frequently to avoid scorching. To roast, take dried pumpkin seeds, and toss them with oil and salt. Pumpkins are High in Antioxidants and can Lower Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Also, the seeds are high in Fiber and Improve Prostate and Bladder Health.
  • One cup of pumpkin seeds gives a 42% of Magnesium, which is high. Additionally, it may Improve Heart Health. Read more health benefits of pumpkin seeds at

Pumpkin Puree, or flash for amazing health benefits.

  • Because of rich in Vitamin A, it is great for vision and strengthening your immune system. 1 cup of Pumpkin can provide over 200% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. 
  • The potassium content of one cup of pumpkin is 16% of your daily recommended intake, and it is good for heart health. Also, it has heart-healthy vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, which can help prevent heart disease
  • Vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron are also immune-strengthening antioxidants in pumpkin. 
  • It has plant pigment- Carotenoids, Carotenoids counter the effects of free radicals in your body, which may help protect against certain types of cancer. (Source:
pumpkin cream for halloween

Here are useful links for Pumpkin recipes for Halloween, check below.




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