Market Capitalization: The Importance of Understanding at Every Level!

A company's market capitalization refers to the total value of its outstanding shares of stock in the market about its total market value.

Exploring Kathmandu, Nepal’s Enchanting Beauty: Must-Visit Places!

E-Journal Times Magazine Desk Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu, is an incredibly vibrant and culturally rich destination. It is an ancient city where tradition and modernity live harmoniously. This city offers travelers an array of experiences, from historical landmarks to bustling markets to breathtaking mountain views. Summer is the best time to visit this place. You... Continue Reading →

How does Baby Mango help you stay cool in the summer?

E-Journal Times Magazine Desk This summer, enjoy a variety of seasonal fruits, including raw green baby mangoes, which are particularly refreshing and nutritious. Known for their unique flavor and health benefits, these tangy and sour mangoes are a staple in many Asian cuisines. The purpose of this article is to examine some of the health... Continue Reading →

Including chickpea flour in your diet is a good idea?

When looking for a wheat-free, high-protein, high-fiber alternative to wheat flour, chickpea flour can be a great choice.

Don’t miss these 7 summer fashion trends !

The biggest trend for summer 2023 will be eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, according to industry insiders.

Get involved in Earth Day 2023 by promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle!

More than 190 countries celebrate Earth Day today, which encourages people to act for the environment.

Understand Keyword Cannibalization: Don’t confuse search engines.

The term "keyword cannibalization" refers to a situation in search engine optimization (SEO) when multiple pages on a website are targeting the same phrase or keyword, causing search engines confusion and potentially lowering a website's ranking. The purpose of this article is to discuss keyword cannibalization, how it occurs, and how to prevent it. Cannibalization … Read more

Explore Caesar Creek State Park’s Unique Features in Ohio!

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a history buff, Caesar Creek State Park has something to offer you. You can spend a day or a weekend exploring all the points of interest there.

Conquer Acidity: Discover the reasons & home remedies!

E-Journal Times Desk It is common for people to suffer from acidity, especially after consuming spicy or oily foods. People may feel a burning sensation in their chest or stomach, and it can be quite uncomfortable. The good news is that there are several home remedies that can help alleviate acidity. Our article discusses how … Read more

Teratogens: Find out what is best for mother and baby!

Author: Dr. Shilpa Choudhary Purpose of the articleAuthor IntroductionPrenatal and Postnatal Effects of Teratogens: Find out what is best for mother and babyHow often do teratogenic birth abnormalities occur?Some TeratogensImportance of Medication Disclosure and Safety in PregnancySome examples of teratogenic medications are:Infections and virusesEnvironmental toxins, chemicals, or other physical agentsHealth conditionsWhen is teratogen exposure the … Read more

Understand 5 Effective Weight Management Strategies !

The majority of weight management techniques promote healthy eating and physical activity over the long term.

There is a Gender Differences in Rape Supportive Attitudes…

With a focus on gender differences, this study examines college students' perceptions of acquaintance rape and stranger rape.

April Fool’s Day: Take a heavy dose of fun & laugh!

It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.


Childhood sexual trauma can cause symptoms of PTSD such as flashbacks, nightmares, and avoidance of reminders of the trauma.

Indian Temples: Do they have any economic significance?

In Bharat, temples have never been just that. They have been centers of commerce, art, culture, education, and social life since antiquity. The local temple was the center of the community.

Aloe Vera: What do you need to know?

Aloe vera also promotes digestive health, boosts the immune system, and alleviates inflammation other than for skincare. As a juice or supplement, it is commonly consumed for health reasons.

NLP & Language sentiments: How are they related?

In NLP, sentiment analysis is one of the most important applications, which is the process of extracting subjective information from text data, and determining whether the expressed sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral.

How the Hindu New Year celebration will benefit the nation’s socio-economic well-being?

The celebration of the Hindu New Year boosts the tourism industry. The New Year is celebrated across many popular tourist destinations in India with great fervor, attracting both domestic and international visitors.

How to Deal with Narcissistic Abuse: Steps to Rebuild Your Life!

Narcissistic abuse is a form of emotional abuse that can leave long-lasting psychological and emotional scars. In this article, we will explore how to deal with a narcissist abuse and rebuild your life after experiencing such trauma.

भारतीय सनातन संस्कृति के लिए संघ के क्या प्रयास हैं?

महान भारतीय सनातन संस्कृति के आधार पर स्वयं को विश्वगुरु के रूप में स्थापित करने की भारत की यात्रा कभी भी इतनी महत्वपूर्ण नहीं रही है। नागरिकों के बीच 'स्व' की भावना को विकसित करने में संघ का निरंतर प्रयास इस लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने की दिशा में एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम है।

Extraterrestrial Life: It’s World Contact Day!

It celebrates the idea that humanity is not alone in the universe and that extraterrestrials may be trying to contact us. This day's origins can be traced back to the early 1950s when UFO sightings became more frequent in the United States and abroad.

Why HackerRank Interviews are becoming popular, and How to prepare for them?

HackerRank interviews have become a popular way for companies to assess technical candidates quickly and objectively. Recruiters who are looking for technical candidates for software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and other related fields tend to use HackerRank. The online platform provides a coding environment, input/output test cases, and time limits, making it a challenging but … Read more

By accessing technology, women can uncover a wide range of opportunities!

The purpose of this article is to give you a basic understanding of how technology accessibility is essential to the filling of gender bias gaps, and what are the real challenges that need to be addressed. Table of ContentsWhat are the traditional gender biases in STEM fields?What is the importance of women having access to … Read more

“I created this unique 3D collage art using 29 Indian Traditional Symbols”- Prajakta Moharir

My intention was to create this with the hope that it will be an excellent treat for the eyes of the viewers with some worthy information and awareness.

How does the nature of the data influence the design of Data privacy protection?

Data privacy and its design depend on the nature of the data, and what country is involved. Data privacy laws vary from country to country. Each country has different laws that protect the privacy of its citizens, including laws that govern how data is collected and used.

How A Mother can play a key role in teenagers’ positive development?

As a mother, you can help your teenager trust his or her own judgment and develop his or her own identity by offering supportive, encouraging guidance and support.

Incorporate Millet grain into your diet moderately !

Are you a millet grain eater? Is there a recipe you would like to share? Write in the reply box below or email us at We would like to publish your recipe. There has been a lot of talk in the past few years about the health benefits of coarse grains. Coarse grains are … Read more

What Mahashivratri means scientifically, psychologically, and spiritually?

Life cannot begin again without death. We cannot progress toward God's realization unless we destroy old habits, attachments, and ego. Our "vessel" cannot be filled with divine qualities unless it has been cleansed of all that is old, negative, and impure.

Ohio’s Wayne National Forest is the perfect place to spend the holidays!

It could be a wonderful experience to explore Ohio's Wayne National Forest during the upcoming holidays. According to the US Forest Service Department, this forest provides over 400 miles of hiking trails, OHV trails, mountain biking trails, and horseback riding trails.When you're thinking about nearby things to do and you're a Mason or Cincinnati resident, … Read more

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by learning about love and appreciation!

Being loved allows individuals to feel connected to one another and to a sense of belonging.

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